Monday, September 6, 2010

Miracle Monday: Praise and Angels

Sometimes it may seem that God only did miracles in Bible times, but He is still in the miracle business today! As I read The Power of Jesus I was amazed at some of the modern-day miracles reported by The Jesus Film Project. I bought these booklets for the boys in my Sunday School class and will also share some of the miracles with you here on Mondays with the permission of The Jesus Film Project. I wonder why we don’t hear about these kinds of things in the news!

Angels at the Bridge in Southeast Africa

Transporting the Yao JESUS films and equipment from South Africa for an evangelistic campaign was not easy. A group of 35 Christians and vehicles loaded with supplies for a 20-day journey and outreach traveled bush roads in terrible condition.

They found that all the bridges had been either washed away or blown up during previous years of civil war, replaced with makeshift piles of sticks, twigs, and rocks. Even in four-wheel drive vehicles, crossing those bridges was risky and frightening. The passengers got out to help guide the loaded cars and vans as they inched their way over. At any moment, one of the vehicles could have lost its traction and tumbled off.

Still far from their destination, darkness fell on this moonless night, making the many bridge crossings even more dangerous. Then, one of the young women came to Willie and said, “This morning the Lord brought a verse to my attention. I think it applies to us.” She showed Willie the passage in 2 Chronicles 20, where the Lord instructed Jehoshaphat to give the battle to God. In the face of death and defeat, Jehoshaphat sent out singers and worshipers who praised the Lord. God then miraculously saved Judah, showing that the battle was indeed His. Willie said, “That’s excellent. That’s for us. Let’s do it.”

So, at each bridge, one person got out to guide, one person drove. The rest ran ahead up the hill, singing and praising God in the darkness. Then…the miracles! At each bridge, every vehicle glided across effortlessly. Willie was convinced that the vehicles and their precious cargo (the Yao JESUS films and equipment) were being held aloft by angels, carrying them over each bridge.
Excerpt from The Power of Jesus pg. 10 used by permission from The JESUS Film Project®.

I thought this was pretty awesome! What a good lesson to remember to sing praises to God when we encounter troubles and difficulties in our lives! Have you encountered any miracles lately?

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Rebecca said...

Hurray, Karen!!!! We read these in church sometimes, too. I love these! God is still in the miracle-working business! Hey have you ever heard of Kathryn Kuhlman? She had a great miracle ministry in a few cities, one of which was Akron, Ohio.

Thanks for sharing this testimony! I also wonder why we never hear of these miracles in the news. But Paul explained why, in Romans 1: "they suppress the truth."

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

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