Friday, September 17, 2010

9 Things I Learned This Week-#87 (Mangini, books, eduation, snails, movies, poll, blogs)


In an interview for the PLAIN DEALER, Eric Mangini, head coach of the Cleveland Browns, said his all-time favorite book is Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx. Both Gerard and I read this one too and liked it a lot! Click the link to see our review of it over at "Grab A Book From Our Stack."


From a couple boys in my Sunday School class, I learned that snails help keep aquariums clean. When I asked if they had any pets, a couple mentioned a bunch of snails. I never realized snails were pets--I wonder if they name them all. Do you have any snails as pets?

Congrats To Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins has all three of her trilogy books on USA TODAY'S best-selling books list: Mockingjay is #1, The Hunger Games is #8 and Catching Fire is #14! Quite an accomplishment, especially considering they are all fiction! We are still waiting to read Mockingjay but loved the other two.


I saw this on TV and want to get it to help me learn to use both sides of my brain at the same time. It is an amazing math and memory system. Kids can do math, such as adding a column of numbers, multiplying 3 digit numbers in their head and more in just seconds. They also can remember a lot of information thrown at them while disregarding others. Check out to see how amazing it is.

Books For Poor Children

Visa and Children International have teamed up to help needy children. Visit and look for the Click for a Cause button. Every day you click, Visa will donate $1 toward the purchase of books for poor children--up to $50,000!

Movie: "Hotel For Dogs"

"Hotel For Dogs" is amusing, touching and fun to watch! It's not very realistic, but it is entertaining and uplifting. I loved seeing all the dogs having a blast in the hotel and highly recommend this movie. Check out my review over at Grab A Book From Our Stack, Abby's review and Manny's review. They watched with me and liked it too!

Where Do People Like To Read?

According to our little opinion poll over at Grab A Book From Our Stack, the number one answer was bed (8 out of 21) followed by chair, a close second (7 out of 21). Neither Gerard nor I ever read in bed. What about you? We put up a new poll each week so stop by and vote.

Best Cat Blog

Congratulations to Sparkle who won the Pettie for Best Cat Blog. Sparkle was a very gracious winner, acknowledging his worthy competitors who also have great blogs: Cat lady land, The Conscious Cat and My Himalayan Cat Goma. I enjoyed all of these!

Good News From The Doctor!

I can lift weights again, and bowl with my 12 lb. ball. After my lumpectomy a year ago, I had to be very careful not to lift anything over 15 lbs. with my right arm and was told not to do repetitive things. I was advised to only lift 2-3 lb. weights and if I bowled, to use a 10 lb. ball.

Find more Friday Fragments over at Half Past Kissin' Time.

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Daisy said...

Sometimes my Mommeh likes to read in bed for a few minutes before she goes to bed. That's good snuggling time!

Unknown said...

Wow, some great stuff! I'm checking out Brainetics.


BeadedTail said...

This week is chock full of things you learned! I read in bed every night. I can't sleep if I don't read something every day and am too busy any other time to sit down and read.

Mrs4444 said...

Hooray!!! Congrats to you for following doctor's orders and getting full use of your right arm again as a result! :)

I haven't read a book in a long time, but I did enjoy reading in bad; it was a nice way to wind down. In school right now, I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird, and I really like it!

DeclutterLady said...

Haha love "Hotel for Dogs" - great movie!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I read while sitting on the couch most of the time. I can never get in a comfortable spot to read in bed.

Congrats on being able to lift things and use a 12 pound ball to bowl! That's so great.

Kristin - The Goat

Sparkle said...

Thanks for the mention - and for mentioning the other great cat blogging sites that were nominted for a Pettie!

My human always reads in bed - it's how she falls asleep, especially since she won't allow a TV in the bedroom, and we cats would be more likely to keep her up than help her go to sleep!

I did not know about your blog until long after you had had your lumpectomy. I am glad you can go back to your 12 lb. bowling ball now - I call that the "Boodie"-sized bowling ball, 'cause that's how much she weighs!

Lin said...

I have a bunch of snails as pets, Karen! They live in the pond and sometimes they don't make it over the winter and I buy a couple of new ones each year. I have trap-door snails and they give live birth! And their little shells grow like fingernails. But I think you probably already knew about me having snails, right?

mountainwoman said...

So glad you can lift weights again. Hurray!!!
Ages ago, I had an aquarium and we had snails but I never named them.
Congratulations to Suzanne and I'm off to find the movie you mentioned. Love silly, fun dog movies that are uplifting.

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