Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Is Your Playground Personality?

Here is a little fun quiz that I thought appropriate since school is starting again. Both Gerard and I got the same result. Feel free to share your results in the comments or comment on any of the questions here.

  1. At school, other kids:
  2. What was your favorite after school activity?
    • (couldn't get home fast enough!)
  3. On the playground, you would:
  4. If someone bullied you...
  5. What were your friends like in school?

You Were a Loner

You may have had a few friends on the playground, but you never felt like you really fit in.

And while this was not the greatest when you were little, it's served you well as an adult.

You have learned to be independent - both in your thoughts and your actions.

Not fitting in is now your strength. You defy labels, and you are completely original.

Click link below to take the quiz:

PLEASE HELP! Just the end of last week or maybe on the weekend I saw a post about someones dog actually catching a squirrel in its backyard. Pictures were big and closeups of the squirrel. The writing was very funny. I even left a comment but now can't find it. I wanted to send the link to Gerard. I googled, I went through my blog roll and nothing. If anyone else saw this and can let me know what blog (I'm pretty certain it was someone from my blogroll here). The title was something like "I'm blogging about a squirrel?"

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure this quiz is flawed but I like my results. :-)

You Were Popular
On the playground, you were one of the lucky ones... people really liked you.
And while no one had a perfect school experience, yours was pretty darn close.

It's no surprise that you're equally popular as an adult. You have a great circle of friends that you can rely on.
You succeed in all arenas of life. You are simply charming and dazzling!

Unknown said...

That's really cool. I was always busy at school and wanted to be involved in everything.


Lucky Lady said...


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