Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best To Keep Your Blog Posts Short

According to our little survey on this blog, out of 24 people, only two preferred long posts (5 or more paragraphs). I really appreciate all who participated in this poll because I really wanted to know. I will try to keep my posts between 1-4 paragraphs most of the time. I also prefer shorter posts to long ones so glad to discover that I am not alone in this. Three to four paragraphs were most preferred by two votes.

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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mountainwoman said...

I'm one of the ones who likes shorter posts. I don't mind looking at lots of pictures though.

Rebecca said...

Long posts are not too bad, if they are interesting. Your tend to be very interesting, so I don't mind long posts on your blog.

I really have a difficult time reading white text on black backgrounds, though. I rarely, if ever, read these blogs. They make my eyes go bonkers.

BeadedTail said...

If I had oodles of time, long posts wouldn't be so bad but I prefer shorter ones too. Lots of photos are okay though!

Jennifer said...

Normally I love lots of pictures, but the last 3 months I have been stuck on dial-up and more than 3 or 4 just won't load right and takes too long. I usually don't wait on those, but long, wordy posts don't bother me especially if it is interesting.

Anonymous said...

I use my Saturday posts to practice small posts! LOL - Otherwise, I'm a mixture of small, medium and large. However, I must admit that the posts I read that have the greatest impact tend to be longer posts.

Christina said...

Interesting results! I prefer shorter posts, too. I have a hard time reading posts without any pictures because I am a very visual person.

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