Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Favorite Posts From 2008

Hope you enjoy my year in review. The "Things I Learned This Week" Friday posts were quite popular so I plan on continuing those. Another "standard" feature that I am considering doing is "Stupid Things We Did." It seems this happens pretty often and I'm thinking it might make for some funny posts. In 2008 I tried to post something every day, but in 2009, although I will still post frequently, I am going to try to have good quality posts more consistently and so I am not going to put pressure on myself to post every single day.

Missing My Cat Friends

A Walk In The Park With My New Flip Camera
This was a great gift which I got a lot of use out of since I blog. This was my first post using it.

Take Away The Guns Already!
This is just something I feel strongly about and since it was posted early while my blog was still pretty new, I decided to include it here.

Are You A Reader? Then Shelfari Is For You
I know a lot of you like to read so felt this post was worth listing here. Shelfari is a great site for readers (and authors). This post explains all about it.

Bringing In A New Cat
This is my favorite post which documents our first weeks with Manny. Be sure to view the last video and turn up the volume. I am pleased to report the Manny and I are now good friends. He follows me all over the house, lays on me while I watch TV from the couch and has even started coming on our bed with us at night. He now lets me pet him without hissing, growling and sometimes even without squawking.

I Married Mr. Wonderful
Just thought this post should be included because it was done way back in June about Gerard. Our readers seem to enjoy hearing things about him so I included this here.

Visiting Cat Sanctuary
This place is just unbelievable and since I know many of our readers like cats, I wanted to make sure you saw this!

Great Site For Pet Owners--Join Zoo Too
This is a very good site all about pets with lots of interaction and opportunity to help shelters. I wanted to make sure you knew about it so am including it in this list.

Over 300 Pounds and Down to 140!
This is just so remarkable to me. It shows what determination Gerard is made of. The picture at the bottom is one of my favorites of him with our cat, Moe, on his lap.

13 Changes In Our Life Since Marriage
This is sort of a core post for us because it's about our marriage and the changes we made so am including it in this list.

Fun Time At Yankee Peddler Festival
This was one of the best "trips" we took in 2008. Cedar Point was the other one.

Boo On Halloween
This is one of my few lengthy more serious posts, but I added a picture of me at the bottom of it handing out the candy in 2008.

Shopping Bag Fun For Spunky Doodle
Just had to include one of the videos I did with Spunky talking in it. I thought this one was pretty cute.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Karen, thanks for always visiting my sites. I really appreciate it. I'm so sorry if I cannot return the favor more often, kinda busy lately. Anyway, I have a tag for you... if you are interested to do it you can check it out. Take care my friend.

Karen and Gerard said...

Ruthi--I already did this meme. It was a fun one about Gerard. Here is the link to it:
http://zemeks.blogspot.com/2008/12/hubby-list-tag.html (I added that you tagged me for it too.)

Dragonblogger said...

Thanks for adding my site to your blogroll, I have done the same and added your diary blog to my own blogroll.

I am a regular EC dropper on several of your blogs.

BeadedTail said...

I enjoyed this trip down memory lane! Those were great posts!

Anonymous said...

I'm nominating you for the Lemonade Award!

The Lemonade Award

Susan, at http://dementia.today.com, recently nominated me for the Lemonade Award. Thank you very much for the nomination, Susan, I really appreciate it.

The Lemonade Award is for sites that show gratitude and a wonderful attitude. I think that’s a good group to belong to!

Now for the blogs that I wish to pass this award on to:


There are my ten nominations. These blogs offer laughter, hope, and understanding. There is creativity, sentimentality, and humor. I hope you enjoy them!

I wanted to let you know that I nominated your site for the Lemonade Award! Thanks for all the wonderful information, laughs, and just being you!

Angel: http://healthandhappiness.today.com/2009/01/15/the-lemonade-award/

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