Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thinking Thursday Question & Answer Interaction Game: Priorities

This is a game I discovered at Wifely Steps. I thought it was fun and so asked if she'd mind if I started doing it on my blog too. She was okay with it as long as I changed the name so I thought I'd give it a try for Thursday posts. I'll know how much you like it by how many participate.

The game is easy! I will ask a question about a specific topic. The first person who comments will answer my question, and will leave a question for the next person to answer about the same topic. This next person will answer that question, and leave a question for the next person to answer related to the same topic.

For example, if the topic is PETS, all questions should relate to that topic. What kind of pet do you have? What is your pet's name? As much as possible, let’s not repeat the questions for added fun! You are also welcome to play more than once.

This week's topic: Setting Priorities

The first to comment answers my question which is this:
What do you think is more important: being stylish or comfortable?


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I personally think it's more important to be comfortable, but then I'm a lot older now. When I was young it was totally the opposite.

Priorities: Which is more important cleaning your house or taking your kids on an outing?

Michelle said...

This is really a fun post. Okay, I'll play. Of course taking your children on an outing is more important then cleaning the house. The house work will always be there. Your kids will grow up and move out someday. Enjoy them while they're young.

Priorities: You have two party invites. One is for family the other for friends. Which is more important?

Daisy said...

Oh, that's a hard one! Friends are very important, but I think family must come first. Definitely.

Priorities: Your house is a terrible mess and you didn't even put makeup or nice clothes on today! You unexpectedly get a call from an old friend who is in the area and wants to stop by in 5 minutes. Do you spend the 5 minutes to straighten the house or make yourself look prettier?

Sandee said...

Neither, five minutes isn't enough to do either, so why bother.

Television or the movies.

BeadedTail said...

I'm not sure of the priority question but I'll say watching movies on the TV at home rather than going out. More family time at home!

Priorities: Your boss wants you to work overtime but you had plans with your family or friends, do you work or spend time with family/friends?

Karen and Gerard said...

I would keep my plans and spend time with my family or friends since. There are other secretaries who would love the over time.

Priorities: You only have one hour to be on the computer. Do you reply to your comments, visit other blogs, or write a post, check email or go on a social network site?

Anonymous said...

I'd check my email and reply to comments!

Priorities: You're running late for a party and find that you still need a little more glamming up to do for the night. You only have an hour before your friends pick you up. Do you jazz up your wardrobe with accessories or use the hour to concentrate on hair and make-up?

(P.S. Great start, Karen!)

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