Thursday, January 22, 2009

Green Tea Is Not For Me, No Thanks!

One of my co-workers drinks green tea all the time and suggested that I try it. I keep seeing on blogs and even in the newspaper on occasion that green tea has many health benefits and we should drink it every day. The most convincing post I found was Drink Green Tea Every Day by Mike at Live365. I started thinking about drinking it after watching that video and reading his post about it. I went for some protein bars from the Octane Cafe the other day and checked out their website. Sure enough, in health tips was "Drink green tea."

I never had it because I am a water and milk drinker. I like the Amplify protein drink that some GNC stores carry that I mix with milk (or water). Sometimes I'll drink hot chocolate but only if it has marshmallows in it. I don't generally drink hot things, but since it is one of the selections in the free drink machine at work I gave in and got some.

YUCK! Sorry, but to me it tastes nasty--kind of like warm celery, sort of. Anyhow, it's right up there with V8 juice in my opinion. I took about 10 sips and threw the rest out. It was just awful! I don't see how people can actually like it, but hey, try it for yourself and see.

I gave it a second try using a tip from my green tea drinking co-worker: cold with lots of ice and some lemon which made it bearable. I drank a whole cup, but then of course, it was watered down quite a bit. I still can't say it tasted good though, but if I had to drink it, I think I could get used to it this way.

Are you a green tea drinker? Are you going to give it a try? Let us know what you think of it. I think I may try the "Milky Way" drink from our machine next. I'm sure I'd like that much better!


Nyanko said...

I'm a Japanese, so I drink green tea every day.I can't eat Japanese meals without green tea.Of course,no sugar!
Yes,it's true that green tea is very good for our health.
But to be honest,I prefer coffee to tea.;-)

Evan's Mom said...

I like green tea, although I don't drink it everyday. There are many kind of green tea out there and yes some of them taste awful. Maybe you can start by ordering green tea at Chinese or Japanese restaurants because same as Nyanko I too can't eat those food without it. And when you finally find green tea that you like, you can ask for samples, that was the way I found my favorite kind of green tea. Good luck :)

Unknown said...

Oh I can not drink that stuff at all. I heard the same things about it, but when I drink it I feel like I am bouncing off the walls. I even tried the caffeine free and it still did not help me.

Daisy said...

Daisy's mom here:
I don't think green tea tastes too good, either. But if you get some of the flavored varieties, it's not too bad. Like, green tea with blueberry or green tea with cranberry.

lina said...

I love tea - all sorts of tea, plain or with milk or sugar but green tea is my favourite. Maybe you should try something less strong first and gradually move up from there. (But I can't live without my morning coffee!)

Sandee said...

I love green tea. I love green tea ice cream too. I guess it's an acquired taste. It is good for you and I make sure I have at least one cup per day. The rest of the time I'm drinking water.

Have a terrific day Karen. :)

Liz said...

i also love tea, and i kinda like the taste of green tea. in fact my favorite ice cream flavor is green tea :D

happy weekend :D

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Anonymous said...

Green tea is very good for you, but if you can't handle the tea then try it in pill form. I hate the cold green tea drinks.

Karen and Gerard said...

Nyanko--Maybe if I lived in Japan and grew up with it, it'd be okay since I didn't know anything better. Good for you that you can drink it every day!

Evan's Mom--I don't eat at Japnese or Chinese restaurants either. Guess I'm just too American and my husband won't eat hardly anything at them. We did go once to a Chinese buffet place. I liked the chicken and the dessert.

Jodi--Finally, someone agrees with me that it tastes awful! Thank you, Jodi!!

Daisy's Mom--Ah, you agree with me it doesn't taste good either. At work we don't have any with blueberry or cranberry, just the lemon packets. Suger of course would probably help the taste, but I think that would defeat the whole purpose of drinking it. The only other one they have here is with Jasmine and I was told that even tastes worse than the one I drank, oops, I meant tried to drink.

Lina--Maybe since you like tea, it was not so strange to you. I did water it down quite a bit by putting the ice cubes in it and splitting it into two paper cups instead of one with 3 lemon packets added.

Sandee--Ah, something we differ on. It seems like we are quite alike in several ways otherwise. That's why I'm surprised to hear you actually like this stuff. I never heard of green tea ice cream, but I'm fairly certain it would not be a favorite of mine--I like the Turkey Hill chocolate marshmallow ice cream best of all!

Liza--Wow, you and Sandee should get together and go for some of the green tea ice cream---ewww! Sounds awful to me.

Jude--I tried the green tea both hot and cold, I couldn't do that hot at all, but the cold I could stomach. Pill form sounds like a good idea--that would probably work best for me. It should be in pill form--it tastes like medicine!!

Mrsbear said...

There's such a thing as a Milky Way drink?!

I actually enjoy green tea quite a bit. Hot or cold, always with lemon and either sugar or honey. I think it's an acquired taste. It has a very distinct bitterness, but I like it. I've tried to get my teenage daughter to drink it, but it's not happening. lol.

Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for linking my post about green tea, but sorry you detest its taste. I will admit that it's an acquired taste, but well worth the effort. May I suggest yerba mate or even white tea. They have lots of antioxidants and may please your taste buds...or maybe not.


BeadedTail said...

My first attempt at green tea was a bust because it tasted so nasty but then I found the flavored green teas and find them rather good. There's even one that is flavored with honey that tastes better than the plain.


I love to drink green tea and have 3 or 4 cups a day (sometimes I have to force them down but I do it). It took some time but I finally found when that has some mint and lemongrass flavoring and I actually like it!

Anonymous said...

Count me among those who's not a fan of green tea. I really did give it a chance. Maybe it's because I was never a big tea drinker to begin with. It's funny you mentioned V8. Would you believe I've never tried that? I think I'm slightly afraid to. All those veggies? In a drink? Yuck!

Karen and Gerard said...

Mrs Bear--I hear a lot that it's an acquired taste. Not surprised your teenage daughter doesn't want to try it. Maybe some day she will since you like it.

Mike--this post stirred up a lot of comments at least and I have you to thank for that. I will probably give it another try eventually, but I haven't recovered from it yet. Yerba Mate, huh? Maybe I'll look for it someday too. Thanks for the alternative.

Beaded Tail--maybe those flavored green teas would work for me. I have a feeling though even those wouldn't be as good as the hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Health Nut Wannabee Mom--I'm not surprised you drink green tea, figured you probably did, but 3-4 cups a day??? Oooh, you're good!

Kathy--Ah, another one who agrees with me. Another guy at work tried it for two weeks and he STILL hated it so finally gave up on "acquiring a taste" for it. I think I'll just learn from his experience and not drink it anymore, unless I come across one of the flavored kinds. You are wise to pass on the V8--it's horrible too!

Jolene said...

I have been trying for years to get used to the taste of Green Tea, but I just don't like it. The flavored ones are easier to down, especially blueberry or mint, but still not something I like enough to drink daily. I find it's really hard on my stomach as well, but I have a sensitive stomach so that's not surprising.

I actually have liked the tea I've had in Vietnamese restaurants, they call it Green Tea but it doesn't taste like the Green Tea you buy in the grocery store and someone told me once it's not the same. I have no idea what the difference is though, the one in the restaurants is loose tea and so much milder, I would love to know what it is if it's not Green Tea and if it has the same health benefits.

oops sorry, novel there, I get carried away with comments sometimes LOL.

The Silver Age Sara said...

I started drinking green tea years ago from having it in Chinese and Japanese restaurants. It's definitely a different taste but give it a chance and you might like it. It's very soothing and it's really good for you too.
P.S. - I love milk too.

dtbrents said...

I drink green tea daily. I love it with ice and mint. Doylene

Jessica said...

I think it just depends on the different brand names. I've had some awful tea in my life. You just have to look around and try the different brands to see which one tastes the best.

Juliet Grossman said...

LOL @ "warm celery." The thing to remember is that there are hundreds of different varieties of green teas (and also white teas, plus other Asian varieties like bancha etc.) They have different healthful properties. There WILL be a tea out there that you like; it just might take some experimentation. Also the water has to be good freshly drawn water, get it to just shy of boiling (less hot than for black tea), and the brew time is usually much shorter, like even 1-2 mins only. (Can you tell I'm a TEENY bit obsessed about tea lol?)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog on my Sits Day last week:-)

Randa Derkson said...

Stopping by from SITS..

When I first started drinking green tea, I was not a fan but I grew to like it. I grew to like plain green tea by drinking the mixed green teas (chamolie/green) is my favorite

Alice said...

I love green tea and drink it daily, usually iced. I know it stinks when you really want to like something, but just don't. I'm like that with yogurt!

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