Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Between the Shoestring and the Cat Grass

First of all we thank all who participated in our little poll to guess which Christmas toys our cats liked best. Well, the results are in. On Christmas Day, the shoestring won as you can see from this video:

Shoestring Is Best

Although this one doesn't show Manny paying much attention to the shoestring, he actually did as you can see from shoestring racing video posted on the cats' blog at Zemeks Updates (Cat Corner-MEOW section).

I had to wait for the cat grass to grow before we can see if the cats prefer it over the shoelace. I'm happy with how it grew.

The best of all is the cat grass! They not only liked eating it but also liked pulling it out, making a mess and batting it around. Even other days, I could tell they were at it when I got home from work because it was knocked off the table and dirt was on the carpet! They obviously had some fun while I was gone. So, if you choose to get some for your cat, put it where it's easy to clean up and don't be surprised if they make a mess.

It looks like only two people got it right in our little poll at top. The wrapping paper got the most votes, but actually they didn't play with that for very long.


Sandee said...

You are right about the simplest thing being the best toy. Yarn works too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I had been wondering which toy was the winner. I can't remember what I voted for, though! Oh well. I liked seeing the cats having fun.

BeadedTail said...

My cats like shoestrings and cat grass too! They haven't figured out they can pull the grass out yet so we haven't had any dirt mess yet. *fingers crossed*

LadyJava said...

Ohh.. that looks like fun.. what kind of grass is that??

Oh by the way.. Not sure if you do tags.. but I've tagged you if you are interested :)




I really need to get some of the cat grass for my cats! I think they would love it. Your cats are soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Only two people guessed right in the poll. Alan, I believe, was one of them from a previous comment he left on one of my posts.

The simple toys are definitely best--string, yarn, paper, wadded up newspaper balls, rings from milk jug caps, ping pong ball and little light weight mice.

That's funny you forgot which one you voted for. Glad you enjoyed my pictures though.

Beaded Tail--
You are lucky your cats aren't as aggressive with the pulling out the grass. I am just keeping it upstairs for them so it doesn't matter too much if it gets on the floor up there. I'd put it in the basement for them, but there is no sunshine down there, too bad.

Lady Java--
I forget what kind of grass it is. I got it at PetSmart and it was in a box that said cat grass on it. I have done some meme posts and am open to doing them if it's not real long. I actually prefer memes to awards because I just think it's a more interesting post--both are very time consuming. I'll stop by to check it out. Thanks for thinking of me.

Healthnut Wannabee Mom--
I think your cats would like it too since both of mine did and they generally are interested in different things. I knew Spunky Doodle would go for it, but I was very surprised when Manny did and they keep going back to it too. Sometimes, cats just show interest in something because it's new but that's not the case this time.

Alan said...

Yes it was me who picked the oats,ie cat grass. My cats make a mess of it too and pull it up from the roots.

I stopped growing it......too messy

Alan said...

I forgot to mention...cat grass is just Oats, check the package.

The Author said...

I was the other one Karen who got it right. I loved seeing the cat grass and learning about how your cats enjoy it.

Karen and Gerard said...

Congrats to Alan and Mountain Woman for choosing the thing my cats liked best. Thanks for taking the time to view the video too--these things take a lot of time to do!

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