Monday, January 19, 2009

How To Bundle Up For The Sub-Zero Days

This is a picture of me when I first got home from work on Friday. It was a very, very burry cold day outside with the high temperature of just 7 degrees! It was -10 when I left in the morning! Even though that is very cold, I was comfortable. The secret is to bundle up and dress for the weather.

Here are my bundling tips:
1. Wear lots of layers, a warm hat, a coat that covers your hips (not just a short jacket), boots, and leg warmers.

2. If you lose some weight, don't get rid of all those big clothes. Save some to wear over layers during those real cold days.

For example, here is the list of what I wore today:
  • Long silk L.L. Bean underwear which adds warmth without any bulk;
  • Corduroy pants;
  • wool L.L. Bean socks;
  • Turtleneck top--again, it's light weight but adds some warmth ;
  • One of my warmest sweaters over the turtleneck so if I get too warm at work, I can remove the sweater;
  • A wool blazer over the sweater which I could remove at work or wear over just the turtleneck without the sweater;
  • Quilted lined flannel shirt that I took off at work;
  • bomber hat from L.L. Bean which is very warm, better than a knit tousle cap!
  • Leg warmers that covered my knees;
  • Parka winter coat with hood from L.L. Bean; and
  • Boots
  • Scarf

Oops, I goofed. There's was an error in the title of this video so I redid it. Who will be the first to spot it?

Can you tell I like L.L. Bean? This is NOT a paid post. I really like their merchandise.


Mary said...

LOL...great post. I understand the layers. We've been at 4 to 15 below zero around here lately. NOT FUN! BTW wasn't that Manny in in the walk-by? Stay warm.

Karen and Gerard said...

Mary--Yes, you are correct! You found the mistake first and now I'll put in the corrected video but you win 100 EC credits for catching my mistake.

The Silver Age Sara said...

I totally agree with you about LL Bean. I've got the silk underwear and the wool socks too. I did find polar fleece socks this year that I like even better.
And, I have saved all my giant outerwear and still use it to help me layer.
Great post and I totally relate. It's a chore getting dressed for these frigid days.

Karen and Gerard said...

Mountain Woman--I saw those fleece socks in their catalog but didn't get them. Maybe I'll try a pair. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Hey all-My cat, Manny, did a post about this that you might like to read. I posted the corrected video on his blog at (Poor Manny, he got slighted again.)

Anonymous said...

It's been cold where I live too. I have been wearing a longer winter coat when I have to stand outside with my daughter at her bus stop. But I find it hard to drive with bulky layers. Do you have that problem?

Anonymous said...

Sue--Yes, it is hard to drive with bulky layers, but I walk to the bus stop to get some fresh air every day and at least some walking in. When I drive, I don't bundle up like this.

BeadedTail said...

I enjoyed your video showing all your layers! Love those tiger tights!

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