Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Kind of Customer Service Is This?

We are still getting calls about money we owe for some magazines that we don't remember ordering and have no invoice for. This time I was home so had the privilege of speaking with this guy myself. I basically lost my cool and told him off, mentioning that they won't send us an invoice but paid it anyway and they it wasn't put through because it's a bunch of baloney. I told him go ahead and take legal action!

Afterwards, I regretted not getting a name or phone number. It's just so upsetting, it's hard to think clearly. Then the verse popped into my head about "A soft answer turns away wrath" and "be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath." I so wish I had his phone number so I could apologize and try to get this issue resolved! (I think this is a bill collector--I wasn't on at the beginning of the call.)

A few days later, I think the magazine company called--I'm not sure. My husband took the call and I listened on the extension. The caller said they didn't put through the payment made by my husband using our bank card because they don't accept Master Card credit cards. Gerard asked for a name and number and got it-finally! It was Kevin from customer service at e-solutions. When Gerard asked what magazines this was charge was for, the guy said USA package. My husband says, "What magazine is that?" and the guy hung up on him!

I tried calling back immediately on the number he gave us and hit the customer service extension only to hear this recorded message: "The voice mail box is full, please try again later." I tried later that evening and all through the next day at different times, getting this message every single time I tried. This is a nightmare! I would really like to talk this through with a live person and get it resolved. I don't understand what actually happened.

After talking this over with a co-worker who had a similar experience and had her credit ruined because of it, I am eager to get this settled, but it looks like I'll just have to hope they call again.

I pray that this will all work out soon and that I get an opportunity to talk to that bill collector again, being nice this time. This is all very upsetting to me.

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The Author said...

I think you have the right to be very firm with them and tell them you don't want them to call you anymore. If they keep calling, you can file a complaint. You have the right to have a written statement from whatever company is bothering you and you have the right to dispute it as well. You don't have to pay a bill you are not even sure about.
I'd pull my credit report and if it's on there, I'd file a response.

Karen and Gerard said...

I did just check Gerard's credit report and it was clear, but I can only get a free report once a year so this is another issue that bothers me.

bonoriau said...

Thanks for your great comment. I agree with you, best part of blogging is making and meeting new friends. You are one of my new friend...take care.

Anonymous said...

this whole things sounds so odd, so no wonder you got upset. They're not being copperative, and it's easy to blow your top because your emotions are running high. I hope they call again and you can get someone who will help explain it all and you can get it cleared up.

Karen and Gerard said...

Well, today I took Mountain Woman's advice and called the policy. They gave me some instructions to follow next time they call, including how to trace the call. I'm pretty sure they called again tonight when Gerard was at Fitworks but when I told them he wasn't home, they just hung up and wouldn't talk to me. I shared the instructions with Gerard when he came home.

The Author said...

Good for you Karen. You need some peace at your home and I'm glad the police were able to give you good advice.
Keep all of us posted because we are concerned about you.

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