Monday, August 18, 2008

Gerard's Schedule

As a follow-up post to our organizing tip for week 9--To Do List list, Gerard wants to share with you his weekly schedule and would like to know if any other husbands out there do all this stuff:

Monday: Clean all three bathrooms.

Tuesday: Clean the upstairs
Put out garbage for Wednesday pickup

Wednesday: Clean Living Room
Clean Dining Room
Do grocery shopping at Giant Eagle

Thursday: Clean computer/music room
Clean bedroom

Friday: Clean basement (Yes, he cleans our basement every Friday!)
Yard work

Saturday: Fitworks
Wash car

Sunday: Loads up car for wife with all her Sunday School "necessities"
Vacuum and anything missed during the week

Everyday: wash glasses, dishes and take out the trash

On an as needed basis, he does the snow shoveling as well, although I help him sometimes if there's a lot.

I told you I married "Mr. Wonderful." Now, so that you don't think I am a total "Queen" who does nothing but goes to work and blogs, I will be sharing my weekly schedule in tomorrow's post.


Anonymous said...

wow, what a good idea. Posting your to do list for the whole world to see.
Maybe if I did that, I would get more done. OOPS !!! Hope my wife doesn't see this comment.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Gerard sounds like Mr. Wonderful, but my Bill is wonderful period and doesn't do any of that stuff.

Shawie said...

Oh my goodness! You really married to a wonderful guy on're so lucky!

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