Thursday, August 14, 2008

Organizing Tip of Week 9: The To Do List

Use a "To Do List." Each day, think of 2-4 things that you must get done (or definitely want to do) that day. If you have more things than that to do, list all the stuff you think of that you need to do on one long list. Then from that list, choose several things that you feel you can accomplish for that day and work from that list only. This will help keep you from feeling so overwhelmed and also give you that sense of accomplishment and feeling that you have made some progress. Prioritize your long list--set up a timeline for the things that don't need to necessarily be done this week. Don't neglect to add some FUN to that list!

Here's my list for Today:
A--record auto deposit in checkbook
A--prepare Sunday School lesson
B--draft post about 3-day Breast Cancer walk and get pics from Jan
C--watch some of Olympics

A, B, C are the prioritizing symbols. In your list, A items are things you absolutely must do, B are things you definitely want to do but that aren't absolutely necessary to be done today, and C are things it would be nice to do today but if not, oh well.

Gerard's list looks like this and he writes it on a little white board every day:
clean computer room and bedroom
Go Sox!

We have simple lives right now with everything normal. My list is short enough that I don't need to write it down. I just make a mental note in my mind and fortunately, my mind remembers. This is how I like it! At this point, the normal routine stuff I just remember to do without having to write it down. When I get really old, like my dad was in his late 80s, then I'll probably have to write down everything like I did for him.

To see what my dad's daily To Do List was like,here's the link:
Harry's To Do List


BeadedTail said...

I try to make a list every day but it tends to grow throughout the day. I do love crossing things off though - makes me feel like I accomplished something at least!

And I agree, there must be some fun added every day!

The Author said...

That's great advice. I'm always making lists of one kind or another. It helps keep me on track. Good idea to add fun to the list!

Anonymous said...

i always make a list of things that im supposed to do or else i'll forget about it. ;)

for you...

happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I always manage to lose my to do list so I guess I will have to add do not lose this list to my list. :)

Becki said...

I love to-do lists! I haven't done one in a while, though. Thanks for the reminder :)

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