Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finally Got Rid Of Some Books

We had so many books that all our bookshelves were used to capacity. I salvaged books from my dad that I thought may be of interest to people and tried selling them on Ebay. Some I listed but they didn't sell. He had tons of books! I really hated to just throw them away, but some were from way back and were out of date and many were religious in nature--not much demand for those. I ended up throwing many of those away. My husband used to buy books before we were married and I introduced him to the library so he had quite a few as well. I got a call from the Vietnam Vets organization asking for books! Hurray! I gathered four boxes together to give away, including some that I read. There was quite an assortment--sports, spiritual, how-to and novels. I hope someone will enjoy them! At least, now we have space on some shelves for other things.


The Author said...

I'm glad you found such a worthwhile place for your books.
I've had lots of luck with selling books on but your idea is even better.

Karen and Gerard said...

I've only sold a couple on Amazon. Not even Gerard's Stephen King books sold on there which I was surprised at.

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