Monday, August 18, 2008

Karen's Weekly Schedule

Here's my weekly schedule:

Everyday: Feed and care for cats 5:00 a.m.
Play with cats before work, after work, before bedtime
Thursday: Pay bills
Record Auto Deposits in Checkbook
Write church check
Friday: Cut up cucumber for lunches for the week

Okay, granted, I don't do much on a routine basis as far as household chores. I do make my own breakfast and supper though. I am more the "on-call" Hassler Handler. I take care of the following things on an "as needed basis":

--scheduling home improvements
--maintenance (replacing light bulbs, calling Handyman Connection, etc.)
--computer maintenance (cleaning disk, deframentation monthly, etc.)
--insurance matters
--legal matters (our wills, cemetery plots)
--renewing our zoo membership
--withdrawing cash for bowling or weekend activities
--ordering bus cards
--scheduling social activities
--deal with any problems that arise

So there, that about covers it. So you see, I do contribute something to our household after all!


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