Monday, August 25, 2008

Farewell to Our Elephants!

Yesterday Gerard and I went to the Cleveland Zoo for a farewell party for the elephants. It was fun! After all, how often does a person get to attend a party for an elephant? They are being transferred to the Columbus zoo for three years and are scheduled to return to a brand new HUGE exhibit at the Cleveland Zoo. The new exhibit will be big enough for 8-10 elephants plus other animals will be in with them. We signed a jumbo farewell card for them, kids made elephant ear headbands, a special fruit cake was given to them at 1:30 (which we had to miss because of a previously scheduled for Dr. appointment). It always seems like we usually have no definite plans, but whenever we do, something else comes up at the same time. Why is that? If I could choose to have a super power, it would definitely be to be able to be in two or three places at once!

A party atmosphere permeated the entire zoo. Even the other animals were more lively than usual in spite of the heat! The swamp monkey went for a swim in a big tub, the gorilla tore open a suitcase to get food out of it, the golden bellied monkey kept mooning the crowd from up high on his log near the ceiling. We also got to pet a lot of different furs from a gazelle, a lion, a cheetah, a zebra (felt like a horse), a colibus monkey and the snow leopard which was soft like our cats!

Gerard and Leo posed behind these two "elephants" who were playing music. I felt sorry for them in those heavy costumes on such a hot day, but they did have a fan set up blowing on them.


Daisy said...

That sounds like a wonderful party! I hope the elephants have fun in their new home.

The Author said...

Your day sounds like so much fun. What a wonderful idea to have a party for the elephants. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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