Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blog Stats at Cubestat--What do They Mean?--HELP!

Cubestat is a site where you can put in the URL to your blog and get all kinds of data about it for free. I like free and so I tried it with all three of my blogs. It gives so much information, including much that I don't know what it means.

I'd like if someone could explain the meaning of "Website Worth." It said my little blogs were worth approximately $9,000 for my blogspot ones and $13,000 for my PNN one! I am curious to know just who thinks they are worth this and how they arrive at this figure. I can't believe it!

Another thing that floored me is that it lists Daily Ads Revenue at approximately $12, $13 and $18. I don't even have ads or blog for money so I am really clueless as to exactly what this means. I get no revenue from any of my blogs.

Finally, my last question is what the Daily Pageview number is. The report says I have over 4,000 views a day on my blogspot blogs and over 6,000 a day on my Personal News Network (PNN) one. However, how can this be when my blog counters only show around 7,000 for a total? I don't get it!

I first discovered Cubestat through this post
For What It's Worth at Delusions of Grandeur using entrecard. I always like to add some first-time visits when I am dropping cards and this is how I came across this blog.


Daisy said...

I checked it out, and some of it did not make sense to me, either!

The Author said...

I wish I could help you but I can't but I know who can. I'll send you a message on Entrecard.

Tony said...

When you find out please let the rest of us know...You thing the gov't will figure out how to tax a blog's "website worth"? :)

Anonymous said...

oh, how i wish i know, it would be such a happy world eh if we can convert our blog to what it is worth? :)

Anonymous said...

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