Friday, August 22, 2008

Best Bagger Championship

In the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER on August 16, was an article that caught me eye: "Portage Grocery Store Bagger Quickly Wraps Up State Title." Yup, apparently there is even a competition for bagging groceries! Denise Farley who is a bagger at Giant Eagle is the fastest grocery bagger in Ohio. She will go to compete in the 2009National Grocers Association USA Best Bagger Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 5. It's an all-expense paid, 4-day trip and she also won $1,100.

She bags quickly because she doesn't like waiting in line herself. She checks out the customer and bags according to how much she thinks they can carry easily. If it's older people, she makes the bags lighter for them. It thought that was very nice of her.

She also eye's up the groceries and puts the heavy stuff on the bottom. You'd think that's just common sense, and it is; however, there are baggers who don't do it that way.

This is they type of news I enjoy--happy news! It just goes to show you our American culture are so competitive that we even have competitions for this.


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