Monday, August 4, 2008

Two Hours of Tennis Was Very Fun!

Yesterday Gerard and I went to a very nice neighborhood park not too far away from our home to make up for being stuck at home all yesterday afternoon. The tennis courts there are very nice without any cracks. Our first set took an hour because we needed a tie breaker at 6-6. Gerard won! I was having trouble putting the ball where I wanted it. The sun was bright and we took a water break in between sets. I won the second set 6-2 and so then we had to play a third set which is very unusual for us since I normally win the first to in an hour. Gerard was more tuckered than I so I won the last set 6-1. It was very fun though, but it got hot and we both wanted to get to some shade so we passed on the bocce ball and headed for the pond to read on the swing in the shade. Unfortunately, there is only one swing in the shade and it was occupied. Gerard settled for reading on the ground under a tree and I read in the car. It was a very pleasant day and it felt good to get out and exercise.

I got a headache from all that sun so watched "Death of a Cheerleader" and "Fab Five" on Lifetime when I got home. I enjoyed both those movies.


Anonymous said...

sounds like real fun. i would love to have a day like that, but here, it's been raining all the time, sigh.

Channah said...

I recorded Fab 5 on my DVR - will have to watch it! :)
Glad to hear you had so much fun!

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