Friday, January 6, 2012

6 Things We Learned in Week 1 of 2012 (eyes, cats, food, Kindle, sermons)

Gerard's Eyes

I see fine!

When Gerard went for his follow-up eye doctor appointment, he was told he had some issues going on that may be problems down the road like cataracts and a loose retina, but for now it's nothing serious. He didn't think it was a sign of any brain damage so that was a relief. However, he has to go back for another appointment in Jan. 23.

TV Show

I was happy to learn this week that the TV show, "My Cat From Hell" with Jackson Galaxy is beginning a second season January 7 on Animal Planet. I love this show that shows how you can communicate with your cat and get them to change their bad behaviors.

New Year's Resolutions

Over at Sparkle's Sunday Catinee, I discovered that some kitty cats make New Years Resolutions!  Have you made any yet?  It's a real cute and well done video worth watching.  I subscribed to their YouTube channel after viewing it. Here's a link to my resolutions if you missed them and really want to see.

New Foods

We shopped at a different Giant Eagle and discovered they sell some really good stuff that all I have to do is heat up in the microwave, like salmon, fried chicken, and quiche! The quiche even had Brocoli in it and I liked it! I decided to try different foods like is suggested in Keep Your Brain Alive.  (Also learned to spell quiche, I thought it was kish.)

Kindle Highlighting

While reading "Dear Sparkle" on my Kindle, I learned how to highlight things. It's a nice feature!


Sermons Online

I found out that at our church's website ( you can listen to the sermons and see the note outline. If any of you do not attend a church, perhaps you would like to check this out.

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Daisy said...

I can't wait for My Cat from Hell!!!!

Hootin Anni said...

I love broccoli, I love quiche, I love those new microwavable finds you found sound deeeeelicious. And learning how to deal with our kitty furbabies...that sounds something up my alley. Will have to check it out.

Thanks for the visit.

Kris said...

I was practically attacking my Kindle Fire this week trying to figure out how to highlight. I knew how to on my original Kindle. Of course, after I figured it out after frustrating myself for a few days, I realized that I could have just read the User's Guide. LOL Now, I'm a highlighting pro though!

BeadedTail said...

I'm glad that Gerard went to his appointment and I hope everything continues to be okay with his eyes! Yay for new food finds!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Glad the eye issues aren't as serious as you might have thought.

Ann in the UP said...

I'm glad that Gerard's eyes have been reduced to "observation status".

I'm breezing along with my Nook and can't believe I had so much "trouble" at first. User error should have been flashing on my screen the way it was flashing in my mind.

Claudya Martinez said...

I wouldn't mind having a Kindle.

Stacy said...

Good news about the eyes, at least for now. :)

We have 2 Giant Eagles to choose from and they carry such different things. I shop based on what I'm looking for.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Wow, they even have cat shows on TV!

Mrs4444 said...

The internet has really been a blessing to those unable to get out.

I love that about Kindle. Did you know that you can also put notes in the story and see notes from other readers, too? (I think that's where I saw that, or maybe it was on

Nice job on being adventurous in the food department :)

As usual, you've shared some great links.Thanks, Karen! Have a great weekend.

qandlequeen said...

Cat from Hell sounds like something I would enjoy! Thanks for the heads up.

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy: Loved this show. That cat Larry was funny!

Hootin Annie: I am glad I went to this other Giant Eagle. You should definitely read "Dear Sparkle", it's very cute.

Unknown Mami: Go for it, I like mine!

Stacy: I'm surprised at the difference between the Giant Eagles. I would think they'd all have the same stuff.

Rebecca: Not many, that's why this one is so special! I think it's on tonight.

Mrs4444: I did make one note so far on my Kindle but haven't looked into reading notes by others yet. I am aware that it can be done though.

qandlequeen: I think you would enjoy the show too! Hope you can see it.

Lin said...

You'll have to tell me what happens to Larry because, I'm telling you, if that was my cat, we'd be taking a trip to the vet...PRONTO. And if Larry didn't get better, she'd be better off being put down. That poor kitty was living a miserable life! I sure hope she got better.

Hey, I got a Kindle too! My mom surprised me with one. I didn't think I'd like it, but I do--especially when I'm reading in bed. It's so easy to hold it--easier than a book.

Glad Gerard got good news! Be sure to follow up though. There are many medical issues that can be detected in your eyes so it is very important to continue seeing the doctor. Even the vet looks into the kitties eyes to diagnose problems.

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