Friday, January 27, 2012

4 Things We Learned Week 4 of 2012 (reviews, money milk, Facebook)

Friday Fragments are just some items that aren't substantial enough for an entire post and is hosted by Mrs4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' time where you can find more and link up your own.
  1. Amazon Book Review

    I was thrilled to learn that Beth Ann from It's Just Life read My Funny Dad, Harry and loved it. Not only did she make my day by letting me know that in an email which gave me a lift that I needed, but she also reviewed it on Amazon: "A Daughter's Memories of a Wonderful Dad." Whenever I really enjoy a book, I will review it on Amazon (and sometimes on Barnes and Noble) because I know how good it makes the author feel. Here's my stats for my reviews: Reviews written: 286, Reviewer rank: 4,741, Helpful votes: 332 of 420.
  2. Practical Plan for Getting Out of Credit Debt

    Last Sunday our Pastor continued preaching on financial fitness based on what the Bible says about money and shared a very practical 3-step plan on how to dump credit card debt. I thought this might be helpful to a lot of people, so plan to post about it next week.
  3. Milk

    In our W.O.W. meeting in January, we had a certified fitness instructor/Physical Education teacher speak about good nutrition and exercise. She recommended the almond milk over regular dairy milk so I tried it and it tastes good!
  4. Bartels and Busack Pet Hospital

    This is the place that saved our dog, Abby. They are so impressed with how well she is doing and the great progress she made since being attacked that they are going to post about her case on their Facebook page. Yea for Abby, our "miracle" dog!  Thank you, Dr. Busack!

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Diane said...

I recently became a vegetarian and have been thinking of cutting out some dairy too. Haven't tried the almond milk yet.

Congrats on your doggie's recovery! :)

Lin said...

I have been drinking the SILK soy milk for some time now and I like it. It's really good on oatmeal!

Hooray for Abby and the great vets you have! A good vet is essential--we switched last year and I am so glad we did.

We are working on saving a whole lot more this year--which is tough with everything going up in price. We'd like to save my entire paycheck if possible--but I think the kids have other ideas. ;) I'm looking forward to your post.

Sharkbytes said...

Abby just knew that you wanted her to get better fast!

BeadedTail said...

I really like almond milk too especially on cereal. We haven't had credit card debt in probably 20 years and it truly is a wonderful feeling! We're all so happy that Abby is doing so well!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

so happy that Abby is healing so well! I had told my husband about that story and his broke, as did mine. Kisses to sweet Abby!

qandlequeen said...

Can't wait for the getting out of debt tips! I found the most immediate one for me was to switch to cash. I even went as far as using money orders for my bills. Yes, you pay for the MO, but that was a lot less than the insufficient fees on my checking account.

Lisa said...

So happy you are all doing well. Abby is a true miracle and the bravest girl I have ever met. Karen and Gerard, you are the best parents a dog could ever ask for!!

Anonymous said...

So glad that Abby is still doing so great!!! What a blessing!

Mrs4444 said...

I often take the time to write reviews, be they on Amazon, Urban Spoon, TripAdvisor, etc. I guess I'm just opinionated :)

That milk sounds really good.

I look forward to your article on getting out of credit debt.

Okay...gotta get to bed. Thanks for linking up! :)

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