Friday, January 13, 2012

4 Things We Learned Week 2 of 2012 (Kindle, gardening, fitness, bus)

Kindle Version

The book I wrote, My Funny Dad, Harry, is now available for Kindle! Now to try to get it into Amazon's digital library.

Planting Bulbs

Thanks to Not the Brightest Bulb in the Bunch at Freaky Frugalite, I checked out a gardening website called Dig Drop Done that gives tons of information about what, when and how to plant bulbs to get the flowers you want plus a whole lot more! You insert when you want them to bloom and click on the pictures of the ones you like.

Home Workout Movement

At our Women of Wonder (W.O.W.) meeting last night, we had a guest who talked about fitness and shared with us about a great website, that gives powerful short workouts you can do at home, plus recommended recipes. They currently have a 30-day exercise challenge going. (Just what I need, another challenge!)

Bus Change

The RTA made a change to my bus schedule so now I have to be careful to get the one that goes all the way to my street. Certain times during rush hour, one #20 goes all the way but another #20 goes only part way. Yesterday, when I got out of work a bit late, I ran for my bus, looked up and saw that #20 at the bus stop and I was stuck on the other side. I waved my bus pass and jumped up and down and the nice bus driver stopped for me special, as soon as I got on though, I realized I was on that one that doesn't go all the way home! Whew, I got off at the next stop and waited just a few more minutes for the right bus. I wish they would change the number--I have to actually read the description now!

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Daisy said...

If you haven't already, make sure your blog is available on Kindle, too!

Wayne W Smith said...

I hate when they change bus routes! It is indeed annoying.

Kay said...

Ah, bus changes!! I am pretty timid about taking public trans, I usually go with my hubby. I hope that goes well for you.

I love the workout link, thanks so much!! I could use a short, attainable challenge! Thanks!

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Congrats on your book going to Kindle!!! Did you have to do anything to get it on Kindle?

Thanks for linking to me. :) I love bulbs and the site inspired me to plant more this spring.

Goodness, another challenge! Very ambitious!

Have a great weekend.

Hootin Anni said...

That site link you shared [thanks!!] regarding how and when to plant bulbs is the best ever!! As I love flowers and gardening.

My Friday Fragments

Nick said...

Congratulations on publishing your first book! I actually just published my first book as well (Nike's Chinese New Year). I'd be happy to review yours if you'd be willing to return the favor!

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