Friday, December 2, 2011

6 Things We Learned This Week 48 of 2011 (free, donations, Carols, hens)

Free ebooks

You can download free ebooks from for your Kindle, Nook, Sony reader, ipad and more with no late fees and available 24/7.

Zoo Free

On Thanksgiving, we went to the zoo in the afternoon and the parking lots were pretty full. Admission if free to everyone on Thanksgiving Day!

Donate Your Bike

I learned that Wheels of Change ships used bikes from the U.S. to Africa. You can find a donation facility near you at If you are getting new bikes for Christmas, you might want to donate your old ones.

Get The Eggs Where You Want Them

Over at For Love or Funny I learned that if you put a glass egg in a nest, hens will lay more near it! She tried this with a dollar bill on her table to see if more money would come, but that didn't work. This is a blog that is usually funny with great pictures to go along with the posts. I visit it regularly and now she is even having a $35 Amazon Gift Card giveaway! I suggest you go visit this upcoming romance author.

Christmas Carols

I was pleased to hear actual Christmas Carols playing in CVS yesterday! At least one store still play Carols. Do you know of any others?

Comment Count

Our comments were up last month--238 which resulted in $119 more for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, our charity for November! Thanks to all of you who took time to comment.

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Daisy said...

We are FOR free Kindle books! My Mommeh is hooked on her Kindle now.

Katya kate said...

Congratulations for generating a lot of comments for the charity. Free ebooks are so cool, thanks for sharing. I love to hear Christmas carols played on malls too, too rare from here..

Brandi. said...

Thanks for the link to donate bikes! I've got a few that I can fix up and donate. It's better than tossing them in the dump. =)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Free e-books are really neat...and many libraries are starting to "loan" ebooks for people to read. That's a neat idea :) Have a great weekend. Greetings from California (formerly Oregon), Heather :)

BeadedTail said...

I don't have a Kindle yet but I imagine someday I will. We heard Christmas carols in a store today actually. Everyone was singing along too!

Rachael said...

I started hearing Christmas music in the mall before Thanksgiving! I heard Silver Bells in Sears two days before Thanksgiving, and I was NOT ready yet. But now I am!

Kay said...

I have not been inside a store aside from wal-mart and I did hear Christmas music, or holiday music, but I just wasn't paying attention. Now I think I will.

Thank you over and over for telling us about the free e-books!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!!!

I am very excited about your charity for december!! I am going to shout that out here in a little bit.

Teresa Dawn said...

Too funny about the egg thing! All the stores around here play Christmas Carols, as does the ice rink, but that's because I'm in charge of playing the music at the ice rink and I'm the gal who had her tree up since October...

Mrs4444 said...

How great from St. Judes! WooHoo!

Thanks for the free book resource :)

Visited For Love or Funny--That was fun; she's a treat.

I love that the zoo let folks in for free on Thanksgving!

Thanks for linking up and for visiting others; you are a wonderful FF community member, Karen. :) Have a great weekend.

Lin said...

Oh, every store is playing the carols here. They start after Halloween. Ugh.

I knew about the glass eggs under the hens to get them to produce. I learned that on my cousin's farm when I was a young girl.

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