Friday, December 16, 2011

4 Things We Learned This Week (AAA, Kindle, Money, YouTube)


When my car battery died last Saturday, I called AAA and discovered that they sell new batteries and came right to my house and replaced my dead one--cost $113.

Amazon Kindle

I got a Kindle for my birthday and learned you need a wifi connection to get started which I found at our library--yea! Thanks for all the encouraging comments. Now I am learning how to load the books I want. I tried yesterday to borrow an e-book, but the site was down for maintenance! I did get my Kindle all charged up though.


Did you hear about the lady who did and left $13 million to her CAT? How crazy is that!

Got my Christmas bonus yesterday and learned I'll be getting a raise next year. Yippee! That made my day!


My YouTube channel got a facelift. It's a whole different layout now and can include several links. Of course, I listed all my blogs. My napkin folding post is scheduled for Wednesday (still have to add my pictures to it but my videos are done. If you can't wait, you can find them on YouTube (just search for kzemek and all my videos will come up).

Other Fragments:

It was nice getting some birthday cards that I did not expect. The one I got from Gerard was really cute and two from a couple new friends.

Took my morning pill (on the left side) instead of my evening pill (on the right side) by mistake yesterday--how nutso! Fortunately, thanks to my cat Manny knocking over the other bottle with his tail, I realized I had the wrong ones. At least I didn't take both morning pills! Skipped the evening one (which I take every other day) and will just take it tonight. Didn't want to risk combining the two. See, I'm not a complete idiot.

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Daisy said...

Hooray for getting a raise!

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Lots of great news this week.

I just joined AAA so I am flipping over in excitement about that battery! I'll have to remember that.

The video looks good. I'll check it out.

Hootin Anni said...

OH, I have done that very same thing. I learned...out of fear of 'overdosing' to make sure when I take my 'morning' pills, to turn the med bottle upside down. That way, the 'evening' pill bottle is still right-side up for that time of day. When I finish with my pills for the entire day...all bottles are then turned upright to begin another day in the morning.

Kay said...

OOh, how wonderful with the battery!!! I love it when they come to you for any of that!!

Raises are always good right?

I really liked the napkin folding, but it was hard to hear past the dog. However, I played the video a few times just to watch my dog stare at the computer and sniff around my chair... it was hilarious!!

Sandee said...

We've been AAA members for years and years, but I didn't know about them coming to your house with a new battery. Good to know.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

The Silver Age Sara said...

So many wonderful things Karen. I didn't know AAA sold batteries. That's great to know. I love my Kindle. I have the type set to large type so it's very easy to read. As to medicine, I had to purchase a container that sorts it into times of day because I always forget. I did find a device that sends you an email or text message if you forget to take it. Leaving that much money to a cat is definitely strange. Anyway, I loved your birthday cards and I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.

BeadedTail said...

Yay for a bonus and a raise! That's great news! I don't see anything wrong with leaving that much money to a cat! :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Congratulations on your bonus and raise; well done!
Merry Christmas from
Thistle Cove Farm.

Lin said...

I'm thinking there are people lining up to take care of that cat. :)

We have AAA, but I didn't know they did that with batteries. Nice. We have their insurance for the cars too. Haven't had to make a claim (thank goodness), but with 4 drivers in the family, their price was certainly very good.

Congrats on the raise and the bonus!! There isn't much of that going around these days.

Wayne W Smith said...

Sounds like you had a educational week. Good luck with the Kindle - they really are interesting devices.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I've had a Kindle for a couple of years and since mine is the second generation one the WiFi is included. I still love mine even though it doesn't have any bells and whistles, it just has books.

I'm sure you are going to really enjoy your Kindle.

Anonymous said...

I just can not imagine with strong your blog greatly that warned me. Thank you “Women are made to be loved, not understood.” - Oscar Wilde

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