Monday, December 19, 2011

6 Different Ways To Fold Napkins

I didn't realize there were so many different ways to fold a napkin until I went to our Women of Wonder meeting this month at Parma Heights Baptist Church,  I included links to the video demonstration I made for each one. You need to use cloth napkins that are not slippery so they hold a fold.  Abby (our dog) was barking while I was doing this.  She wanted to go for her walk.  Hopefully the printed instructions here will be helpful.

Rose (easy) Rose

Fold all four corners of open napkin to center.
Fold new corners to center.
Turn napkin over and fold all four corners to center.
Holding the center firmly, reach under each corner and pull up flaps to form petals.  Reach between petals and pull flaps from underneath.

Bishop Hat

Bishop Hat (pretty easy) Bishop Hat

Fold napkin in half bring top to bottom.
Fold corners to center line
Turn napkin over and rotate 1/4 turn.
Fold bottom edge up to top edge and flip point out from under top fold.
turn left end into pleat at left, forming a point on left side.
Turn napkin over and turn right end into pleat, forming a point on right side.  Open base and stand upright.

Silverware Pouch

Silverware Pouch (easiest) Silverware Pouch

Start with right side up, fold napkin in quarters so the the open corner faces away from you.  Fold down the top layer of fabric, so that the top corner reaches almost all the way to the bottom.  Fold down the next two layers the same way, creating a cascade effect.  Flip over the napkin.  Fold the napkin into thirds by folding back the left and right sides of the napkin.  Flip the napkin over and slip silverware inside the pocket. 


Crown (easy) Crown

Fold napkin in half diagonally.
Fold corners to meet at top point.
Fold bottom point 2/3 way to top and fold back onto itself.
Turn napkin over bringing corners together--tucking one into the other.
Peel two top corners to make crown.  Open base of fold and stand upright.


Boot (hard) Boot
Fold it like you would a paper airplane to start.  In half, bring corners down to center.  Fold each side to center again. Turn point to left, open side at bottom and tails to right.  Lift top tail and tuck it under and up.  The lower tail must be made narrow in order to tuck it into the pocket; fold top down and bottom up.  Put folded tail into pocket to lock.    

Pyramid (easy) Pyramid
Fold napkin in half diagonally.
Fold corners to meet top point.
Turn napkin over and fold in half.
Pick up at center and stand on base of triangle.


candle (hard--not sure I did it right)

Here's the directions but I didn't do a video because I couldn't get it right.  I don't think it looks much like a candle anyway.
Fold napkin in half diagonally.
Fold base down two inches (the long side).
Turn napkin over and fold bottom point six inches towards middle.  Then roll from bottom to top.
Tuck corners inside cuff at base of fold and stand upright.  Turn one layer of point down and set on base.

Which one do you like best?  Hope you will give them all a try and watch my video demonstrations.  The dog barking is pretty funny.  Now you can make your table fancy for Christmas!

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Rebecca Mecomber said...

I really like the pouch and I am glad to see it's easy.

Gosh, Abby has a loud bark!

Nice videos, though.

BeadedTail said...

Abby really wanted to go for a walk! Thanks for the demonstrations on how to make these folded napkins!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

The pouch is my favorite too and so easy! Yes, Abby has a loud bark. Fortunately, she doesn't bark all that often, mostly just when she's excited about going outside and we are taking too long getting ready to take her. I couldn't get her to stop for long.

Kristin - The Goat said...

My favorite is the Silverware holder, but that's because I did that at my wedding - only I put fortune cookies in them instead of silverware.

You really did a great job!

Lin said...

What was with Abby???! Sheesh!

I'm soooo gonna do this for Christmas, but now I can't decide which one I want to do!!

Thanks for teaching me something new, Karen!

Anonymous said...

I Googled "how to fold a napkin" and your blog came up. Glad it did! I did the "Crown," and it was perfect for my table. Thanks for the info! God bless :-)

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