Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas At Our House in 2011 (UPDATED)

Best decorated house in our Neighborhood!

Christmas morning, we slept in, then both walked Abby. Gerard wanted to show me a particular house that had really great lights and I agreed. I had a gift I wanted to "re-gift" but and was trying to think of someone to give it to when I got a brilliant idea! I would leave it at the house with the fantastic decorations as from Santa. Gerard and Abby continued on their way while I went back home to play Santa and wrap up the present with a card that said:
My secret assistants report that you have the best decorated house in the neighborhood. Thanks for brightening up this neighborhood! Santa
(I also inserted a contact card separately so they knew it was actually from a real person who they could thank.) I went back and left it next to their morning paper by the front door. It was fun being kind of sneaky and surprising someone we didn't even know!

Some of our gifts

Gerard and I both enjoy buying things for each other got lots of nice things. The few things I asked for, he got for me which I am very happy with along with some nice surprises too. I mostly got him clothes this year because that's what he needed, but he was thrilled to see I bought the Bruins book for him.

Gerard's new suit that is a fur magnet

Gerard got: winter coat, two pair of shoes, two pair of jeans (one fleece lined), folding dog dish to take on walks, Buckeye hat, candy, black suit, black shirt, Bruins book, candy.

Karen got:  Classical music CD, peanuts, binder clips, two shirts, Furry Logic books, the cute owl hat I asked for, leopard PJs, Browns dog, two big soft furry pillows, blue thermo-fit hoodie and a Kindle case.  Now to see what our pets got, read more:

Cats find their Stocking

The cats found their stockings which each had a catnip toy that initially they liked but quickly lost interest. At first, they actually were fighting over the one. Abby enjoyed her bone on Christmas Eve that was in her stocking. Gerard was so excited about the neat present he found for Abby this year that I was surprised he actually waited until Christmas morning to give it to her. Here is the video of him giving the special doggie cookie to her.  First thing she did was lick of the frosting like a kid would do.

Manny's highlight was finding a comfy hiding place under the big piece of wrapping paper that I threw on top of our bean bag chair.

On Christmas morning I thought I'd wear a necklace for a change because it was a special day. Spunky Doodle loved the gold chain so I put it on her and she ran off with it, batting at the dangling heart along the way. She really looked very nice wearing it but by the time I got the camera, she was through sitting cute. I spent 10 minutes untangling the chains and about 15 minutes trying to catch Spunky Doodle to get it back. I found the heart lying on the dining room floor but never did find the chain yet! It was real short anyhow so I wasn't upset about her breaking it. After all, it was my fault for letting her wear it.  Later, I did get a picture of Spunky wearing a piece of wrapping paper.  I just poked a hole in it and put it over her head.  It wasn't too long before she worked her way out of it.

Manny and Spunky figuring it out

Abby finding the food

The one toy we got for them all to share was the dog brick that has sliding pieces to cover up food I place in holes underneath. Can you guess who figured it out the fastest? Abby did. She wasn't fooled at all and at first was a little slow but by the next day, it hardly slowed her down at all. I was surprised that Manny caught on faster than Spunky but neither are a match for Abby.  This a good for slowing them down and giving them some mind stimulation.  It's something the cats can enjoy working at when I'm gone. You can see the pets in action at Dog Brick Game video.

A few days later, we got this email from the people who we surprised on Christmas morning:
Hi, what a wonderful surprise it was to go out on Christmas morning to get the newspaper and see a gift from Santa on our porch. Thank you for acknowledging our lighting display. Our family loves to decorate the house for Christmas, and we really like knowing that our neighbors appreciate our efforts. Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and deliver Santa's present. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, The C____ Family

Did your pets like their presents?  How about you?  Do you buy for your spouse?  Did you surprise anyone with a present from Santa?

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BeadedTail said...

You all had a wonderful Christmas! Everybody got such great presents! Abby was cute eating that big ol' cookie! Sadie got a frosted cookie too but didn't take the time to lick off the frosting before it was in pieces all over the floor. She hated her new pillow but we'll get her something else she'll enjoy. Maybe that brick game!

Sandee said...

Glad you enjoyed Christmas and your gifts.

We don't do gifts. It's just not something we want to do. I got stuff for our great grandbaby, but no one else. We just don't exchange gifts. No one in our family has any charge cards to deal with in January either. We all agree that that is the very best gift possible.

Have a terrific day. :)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your Christmas. I was tickled by your generosity to your neighbors.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I think giving that family the present was just GENIUS!! I absolutely LOVE that idea!

So glad all of you (and the kitties too!) had a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas and your "gifting" was such a great idea!! Happy New Year!

mountainwoman said...

Your house just looks so beautiful. I'm not surprised you got the award. Wonderful Karen! Enjoyed reading about your day.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

You guys made quite a haul! Sounds like you really enjoy being together.

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