Monday, December 26, 2011

A Fun Lunch At The Chocolate Bar

Some co-workers having lunch at The Chocolate Bar on Euclid Avenue in Downtown Cleveland.

$8.95 chocolate/strawberry crepe
The Chocolate Bar is a restaurant located in just three states:  Cleveland, Buffalo and Louisville. Last Tuesday, I went to lunch there with eight other secretaries from my floor for the first time.  We did this for our holiday floor party.  We were able to study the menu ahead online and went with just the chocolate/strawberry crepe which was very good and filling.  I tried to find something at least semi-healthy for lunch so I thought the fruit was pretty good.  I wonder what Bob, the trainer on "The Biggest Loser" would think of my choice.  I was very happy with it.

I was the only one who just went with dessert, but did you see the price?  I didn't want to spend over $12 on lunch and wanted to get something that I normally wouldn't get anywhere else that would be unique to The Chocolate Bar.  I also didn't want to over stuff myself since I normally have a light lunch.  Anyhow, three gave me their miniature Eclairs because they were so full!

Here are the other dessert choices that were made:

Kathy got the Classic Crepe $3.79
Norma got the Belgian Chocolate Mousse cake $6.79

Kathy was pretty full after the chicken parmigiana but didn't want to skip dessert so went with the Classic Crepe. Even that though, she couldn't finish all the ice cream. I think Norma made a good choice too.  She enjoyed it! 

Kelly, Linda K. got the Snickerbocher $6.79
Marcy got the Molten Lava $6.95

Marcy's Molten Lava cake looked delicious.  It had gooey chocolate flowing out of the middle like a chocolate volcano!  The Snickerbocher was pretty small but Linda said it was plenty because it was so rich. She even shared it with the paralegal she works with (I forget her first name now, oops). 

Linda R. got the frozen hot fudge

I didn't see the frozen hot fudge drink on the menu so don't know the price, but it was HUGE!  Linda R. was pretty shocked at how big it was and let everyone have a little taste.  Boy, was it ever rich but she ate the whole thing.  She didn't quite have room after that to finish her sandwich so had some leftovers to go. 

This was definitely a fun place to go for our lunch and way out of my normal lunch routine which, according the book I just finished, Keep Your Brain Alive, is a very good neurobic exercise.  This involved breaking out of my routine, being social, trying something new and using three senses (hearing, sight, taste), all exercises suggested to help prevent memory loss. 

The normal food wasn't near as interesting so I just focused on the desserts here, but they do have lots of regular food choices as well.  The service was wonderful too!  The waitress willingly gave us separate checks and got all our orders right.  We didn't feel rushed and all left quite satisfied and happy!  Visit The Chocolate Bar website to see all their goodies!

Which would you choose?  Do you join your co-workers for lunch?  I think I'll make it one of my new year's resolutions to go here again in 2012.

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Sandee said...

I would have passed on the dessert and had lunch. I'm not much for sweets.

When I was still working there were a group of us that had lunch together every single day. We would pick different restaurants to go to and enjoy our time away from the office. It was grand fun.

Glad you enjoy this luncheon. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

Have a terrific day. :)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I have never worked in an office environment before... I can't think of any time I ever went to lunch with a co-worker!

I like your choice best. I don't care for rich desserts at all anymore. I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

Daisy said...

That looks delicious! My Mommeh looked at the menu and she would have had the Bella sandwich... Yummy!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I sooooooooooooo wish I still lived in Cleveland to try that restaurant!!

It looks divine!

Lin said...

Sounds good to me! It's fun to try new places to eat.

I don't like going to work outings too much because I only work part-time so that means I have to stay later just for a meal. I usually don't go, but this year I went for the dinner and had fun.

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