Friday, July 1, 2011

6 Things We Learned This Week 26 of 2011 (GPS, charity, symbols, books)


I learned from Kristin-the Goat at her post entitled POTD-Reality Check this week that there is a hurricane symbol. It is on this sign. She was very nice about letting me use this picture from her post.  Did you know that was the symbol for a hurricane?


I found out from Jabblog's comment on our post, Thanks, Abby--Now We Are Lost, that some dogs wear a GPS, primarily hunting dogs, but she recommended one for Abby!

Lending Money

Because I was high commenter over at Red Pine Mountain in June, Mountain Woman gave me a $25 gift certificate to use at to loan to someone who is struggling that can't get a bank loan. I used it for Jose, a farmer in El Salvadore with a home and three children, to use for farm supplies to help him get better crops. I chose a farmer since the gift came from Mountain Woman who has a farm in Vermont. There are many categories from which to choose. Thanks, Mountain Woman, for introducing me to this site.  I am excited about this and wrote a whole post about it over at my "Always Looking Up" blog:  "Lending to the Poor and Feeling Good!"

Summer Reading

Hunger Games is on the Summer reading lists of high schools across the USA! It's a great book!

June Comments For Joni and Friends

We received 207 comments in June so will donate $104 to Joni and Friends which another donor will match! Yea! For July, we'll be donating 50 cents per comment to Heifer International. Thanks to all who take time to comment!

We Won--Congrats to Canine Lifeline

Thanks to all of you who voted and helped Canine Lifeline win the $1,000 donation from Pedigree over at! Hurray! Woo Hoo! WOOF! WOOF!

A fragment (not necessarily something I learned this week):

Gerard got a new Bruins shirt since they won the Stanley Cup. He is so proud of it and I think it looks really great on him!

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The Silver Age Sara said...

Love the shirt!!! Thanks so much for mentioning Kiva. It's been a favorite charity of mine for some time because it helps people help themselves all around the globe. Congratulations for raising so much money for charity and how awesome that someone will match your donation. I don't use a GPS on our dogs but under different circumstances, I definitely would. I do have them microchipped.

Sandee said...

Congratulations on Canine Lifeline winning the 1k. Awesome.

Have a terrific weekend and a very happy Independence Day. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for the donation this month to Joni and Friends! I exceeded my previous comments and $105 is whipping across the wonderful wireless to Meals on Wheels for "my" donation this month! Coming up----donation to National Down Syndrome Society!!! Woo hoo!! Thanks for the great idea, again!!!

BeadedTail said...

Great news about charities this week! It's wonderful you donate and also that you were able to help the farmer!

I've seen that hurricane symbol before but never really thought about it being "the" symbol!

Claudya Martinez said...

I love KIVA! The best part is that once that money is paid back it can be lent to someone else. $25 can do so much over and over.

dtbrents said...

That lending money for the poor is so great. We do that a lot with people we know. Sometimes we give so much we have to cut back on our spending. We gave one of our cars away (mine) to a woman who had wrecked hers and had no way to get to work. Now we are car hunting for me a car. We believe in giving. I just got through praying 3 months and putting together three nice gift packets for women missionaries in Costa Rica. The ministry is Pure Joy. My sister is going on the trip but I can't go. I hope you and Gerald have a great 4th. And your cats. Doylene

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hunters who want to be reunited with their dogs put GPS collars on them. Unfortunately, too many hunters use their dogs for a season and never pick them up again.

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