Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

On of the games I used to play as a kid was called Lie Detector. It had a bunch of cards with different people and their testimony on the back. The object of the game was to acquire evidence based on the testimony of the witnesses and by process of elimination, arrest the criminal. The lie detector let you know if the testimony was true or false.

I can help but imagine how nice it would be if the lie detector tests were perfected to be 100% accurate. Just think, we wouldn't need any attorneys for criminal law. No juries would be necessary and no long trials.

When the jury came with a "Not Guilty" verdict in the Casey Anthony case, it seems many feel she got away with murder but because the prosecution didn't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, she was declared "not Guilty." Wouldn't it be nice if the police could just give her a lie detector test and ask her if she killed her daughter? It would be so easy.

The fact is people lie and the defense attorneys do a good job of presenting their cases in such a way that sometimes even guilty people go free. Other times, innocent people are wrongly convicted. Our criminal justice systems is far from perfect but it's the best we have. It would work so much better if people didn't lie. The fact that they get sworn in to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is meaningless to liars.

I think money would be well spent on developing a fool-proof lie detector test. It would make justice so much simpler!

What do you think would be nice? Did you ever play "Lie Detector"? (I still have it by the way.) What do you think of the Casey Anthony verdict?

For more details: Casey Anthony Verdict: Found Not Guilty
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Unknown said...

I think the Casey Anthony case was another OJ Simpson high profile case. What really bothers me is that there is no justice for Caylee in this case just like the Simpson trial. It is just very sad and disheartening. Have a great week Karen.

God bless,

Rebecca said...

I think I would love that game! I like games that use logic and skill instead of chance. They just seem more productive and I was never a very lucky kind of person, anyway.

I know almost nothing about the Casey Anthony case. I don't have TV and I didn't want to get involved in all the media hype about it. The media has a slick way of manipulating the masses.

In the end, justice will be served to everyone, regardless of any court verdict. I'm still upset about abortion being legal in this country, where's the justice in that? People always talk about justice, but millions of babies are slaughtered every year. :( If Casey Anthony's baby was still inside the womb and then killed, there would be hardly a peep about "justice." It all makes me very angry.

Anonymous said...

As far as the verdict is concerned, I agree that it's better (in this case, anyway) that guilty go free rather than convict innocent people. Her life is going to be hellish after this anyway, and I pity her if she's really innocent. Being a pathological liar isn't the same as being a murderer, though it doesn't make your life any better. The child is probably in a much better place than spending her childhood with her batty relatives.

Stay cool, if you can. I'm not loving "climate change", myself!

Marg said...

Never heard of that game. Sounds like a good one though. You know that some people that lie really think what they are saying is the truth. They truly believe they are telling the truth. I have known several people like that. You can make yourself believe anything you desire.

BeadedTail said...

I haven't heard of that game either. It would make things much better as far as the criminal justice system if there were lie detectors in real life but I don't know about every day life. It could certainly cause a lot of problems if everyone knew the truth!

As for Casey Anthony, I realize the jury didn't have enough to convict her but it's still so sad that no justice was done for Caylee. It's heart breaking that she might have seen who put that duct tape on her and that person will never be punished.

Lin said...

Some people lie so easily, it is no wonder those machines can't really work. It would be nice to have them, wouldn't it? But I think it would cause more problems than solve. Imagine all the politicians hooked up to them!! EEEK!

That whole Casey Anthony trial was sad. She will have to live with the truth.....forever. Makes for a long, long life.

Mike Golch said...

let's hope that the procution has done a better job with antony sowell,I'd hate to see that killer getting away with murder as well.I remember the Lie detector game as well.it was fun to play.

Karen and Gerard said...

Jodi: Very sad indeed!

Rebecca: I agree, this game is good because no luck is involved. I like your point about abortion--so true!

Ann in the Up: I like your logic, Ann. Caylee's family does seem kind of screwy so she probably is better off.

Marg: Oh yes, I agree people certainly can believe lies to be true.

Beaded Tail: I think it would be a good thing if everyone told the truth. So, it sounds as though you believe the mother killed her daughter, right?

Lin: Oh, I didn't even think how it could apply to politicians! Course, when they campaign I think they to believe they'll be able to accomplish what they say and then find out it's a constant battle to get anything done because of congress. Don't even get me started on politics--it's a whole other mess that gets me upset.

Mike: Oh, I know! I will be so upset if he gets off. I saw in the paper this morning the defense rested without even any witnesses. Apparently, their "experts" didn't come up with what they wanted to hear. I know they're going to say he's crazy so isn't accountable for his actions. This really makes me sick. Oh, and did you read yesterday that because all they found of one victim was her head and since there was no body, there was no evidence she was held against her will so they couldn't charge him for her kidnapping and murder. How ridiculous is that. I'm sure she didn't say, "sure, you can chop off my head." Unbelievable!

Glad I found someone else familiar with that Lie Detector game! Thanks for commenting.

Mike's reply was: when I heard that about tthat victim it made my blood boil.

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