Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spunky Doodle and the Kong by Spunky

I see this red thing on the table every morning and went to investigate. It rolls and food falls out of it. It is fun to play with and bat around; but unfortunately, it does not taste good because it is dog food. When I knock it around, Gerard and Karen say “Spunky, that is not for you” or “That is for Abby, not for you.” Why does Abby get a Kong and not us cats? This does not seem right to me. Karen gives it to the woofie right before she leaves for work but does not give us cats anything special other than petting us and saying “good-bye.”

Karen’s reply:

Okay Spunky, I think I can get one for you and Manny. I can put your food in it and maybe that will even slow you down eating that way too. I think you may have a good idea here!  If the readers think you should have one, maybe I'll get you one for your birthday.

What do you think? Should we get a Kong for our cats too? Would your cat like a Kong? Our dog likes it! (We didn’t even know what a Kong was until we got our dog.) Visit My Cats And Funny Stories for more cat stories.


We love LUNA said...

I think Spunky was only curious about the cookies! :)
Cute story,
Now time for another nap!

Anonymous said...

Awww yes you must get Spunky one too :) saying that cats are strange creatures Spunky will probably not play with it. They prefer the 'stolen' stuff :)

The Chair Speaks said...

It's fair if the doggies get a toy, the kitties should get one too. :)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I throw my vote as a YES. If Spunky wants a toy, get him a toy. :D

Gattina said...

Of course you should !! my cats told me that this is an order !!

Photo Cache said...

did you not try the woofie cookie? sometimes they are good. we try our cousin woofie cookie one time.

emma and buster

BeadedTail said...

Spunky, we think you should just get the treats from inside the Kong and not have to work for it! Our sisfur Sadie has a Kong but it doesn't spill out since there's peanut butter in it "gluing" the stuff inside so Sadie doesn't eat it all in 10 seconds.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

PLEASE GET A KONG FOR YOUR SWEET KITTIES :) :) :) All fair in love and cute kittie cats :) :) I think they'd like it to play with, not to mention the edible treats that fall out of it :) :) Greetings from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

p.s. Your kitties are extraoridinarily cute. They need cute food dispensers :) :)

Karen and Spunky Doodle said...

We Love Luna: Yes, she probably was curious but knows not to actually eat the dog food. I think she tried it and didn't like it because I saw part of a piece of it one day.

northernbird: Well, since it looks like the voting here is unanimous for getting a kong for Spunky, I guess we'll find out Sunday, on her birthday if she'll use it or not.

The Chair Speaks: Oh, the cats have more toys than the dog already!

Rebecca: Spunky loves you!

Gattina: Well, in that case we must get a kong for Spunky too. Sunday is her birthday so that will be a good thing for her.

Photo Cache: Yes, Spunky tried it but did not like it so didn't eat any more.

Beaded Tail: Spunky likes puzzles and figuring things out though too. She still likes to play.

Heather's Blog-o-rama: Okay, okay, We'll get a cute kong for Spunky Doodle!

Spunky says: Thanks to all of you for convincing Karen to get a kong for me too! Purrrr!

Barbara said...

Our cats have a treat dispenser in the shape of a mouse (I think it was made by Whiskas). Mrs P is the only one who has worked out how it works though!

Sparkle said...

There are several treat dispensers especially made for cat treats. I even think one of them is made by Kong! You can find them at any chain pet store, and probably WalMart too. So I vote YES! If Spunky Doodle wants one, Spunky Doodle should get one.

Ann in the UP said...

Tony, Bella, and Sweetie agree with Sparkle. Spunky Doodle gets his/her own treat dispenser if that's what he/she wants. (Sorry about the gender mix-up. I can't remember.)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such an awesome toy with food coming out... for sure get one for your cat...

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