Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Is Your Favorite Amusement Park Ride?

My favorite ride is the Roller Coaster.  Not the upside down ones but the ones that have lots of hills and turns.  The first roller coaster I rode was “The Little Dipper” at Memphis Kiddiepark.  I don’t have a picture of me on it when I was little but this is one of me on it when I went with our Sparkies from our AWANA Club.
The first big roller coaster I rode was the “Blue Streak” at Cedar Point.  I loved it!  It only has one really long steep hill at the beginning but after that has a lot of smaller hills which are just fun.  I even sat in the first car sometimes.  I love that I fly off the seat as it rushes down the hill.  I either have to hold my glasses so they don’t fly off or use a band to hold them on like my dad used to wear.  I always scream when going down the hill.
I have ridden many different ones since and like the wooden ones best.  Unfortunately, Gerard hates roller coasters.  He will go on to please me but he grips on so tight that his knuckles turn white and refuses to scream (which is the problem).  Screaming actually helps you cope.  He does not see the fun it them at all!
I took the quiz and here’s what my favorite ride says about me:

 You Are Restless
You're never one to feel too settled in your life - you're always looking to shake things up.  (It's true I like some variety and don't want to get stuck in a rut.)
You are lively and energetic. Even when you feel done for the day, you usually still do something else.  (This is absolutely true!  It seems I always find something to do.)
You are enthusiastic and optimistic. Many things sound good to you, and you are reluctant to rule options out.  (My mom taught me to keep my options open so yes, I am optimistic and usually enthusiastic about facing a new day.)
You are quick to respond. You sometimes get a little tired of waiting for everyone else. (I am getting better at this by slowing down myself.  I find then I don't have to wait so long for everyone else.)

Take The Amusement Park Test to see what your favorite ride says about you.

What about you?  Do you like roller coasters or are you more like Gerard and hate them?  Take the quiz to find out what your favorite ride says about you.  Look forward to your comments and don’t forget to vote for which animal we should donate through Heifer International this month!


Sandee said...

You Are Peaceful

You are a supportive and caring person. You pride yourself on being there for people.

You are a good listener. Friends and family know that they can pour their hearts out to you.

You are consistent and stable. You never change just for the sake of changing.

You believe in being both compassionate and forgiving. Second chances are important.

Have a terrific day. :)

Nicholas Tucker said...

The Voyage at Holiday World is by far the best roller coaster out of the 130+ that I've rode.

BeadedTail said...

I'm not too much of a fan of roller coasters but I do enjoy the Matterhorn and also the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coasters at Disneyland. They are pretty mild though so Gerard might even enjoy them!

Ann in the UP said...

Well, I am sad to say that I've never been on a roller coaster, but the way you describe them they sound like lots of fun.
When I took the quiz, I chose the Ferris Wheel, which means I'm a wanderer, travel as much as I can and I'm very outgoing and assertive. I can't say they're wrong about any of those things.

Mike Golch said...

I have a thing about roller coasters and ferris wheels,don't like them don't ride them.

Mike Golch said...

but do some rides.I went and took the quiz and heres what came up for me:
You use your mind to escape boredom and sadness. You have a rich and delightful inner world.

You are a true romantic, in every sense of the word. You value love, and you have notions of how you want the world to be.

And while you are often buried in your own thoughts, you are also quite selfless. Part of your grand vision involves helping others.

Karen and Gerard said...

Sandee: So what ride did you choose? You got a nice interpretation!

Nicholas Tucker: Wow, you rode a lot!

Beaded Tail: Never been to Disneyland but somehow a railroad described as a roller coaster is intriguing. We went on a ride once that didn't look like a roller coaster--it was all covered and it turned out it was a roller coaster after all with little hills and sharp turns all in the dark!

Ann in the Up: Wow, you've NEVER been on a roller coaster? The Ferris Wheel description was right on for you though, huh? I'm not big on Ferris Wheels unless my feet are tired and I want to rest for awhile--they go so slow.

Mike: Thanks for taking the quiz but you didn't mention what ride you chose. I'm curious. Was it the boat or train?

Claudya Martinez said...

I love roller coasters, my husband hates them.

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