Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thanks, Abby--Now We Are Lost!

Saturday morning the temperature was cool, my favorite for long walks. Karen stayed home to be at the computer while Gerard and I went for a walk before breakfast. I was feeling especially adventuresome and led the way across to the other side of W. 54 where we don't usually go. It was so much fun going down new streets we never went on before, but then it was time to go home and we didn't know hot to get back. These were curvy streets and not laid out in nice squares like on the other side of W. 54.

Gerard called Karen on his cell phone and asked her to come get us. He told her we were on Brookmere Dr. That was a new street to Karen too, but she used the GPS and came for us with the car.  The GPS didn't list that street in Parma--we were in Parma Heights! Then, she used the GPS to find our way back home because she wasn't sure exactly how to go either.

It was a very fun way to start off Abby Day!  (Every Saturday is Abby day at our house.)  Do you get lost on walks?  I hope you can always find your way back home! Do you let your dog lead or do you lead the way?  I love being the leader!  Woof!  Woof!

Here is a link to 5 Best Pet Reunion Videos Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart over at Dog and Cat Experts.  Karen was looking at these when Gerard called her to come rescue us!

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Daisy said...

My Mommeh would be very skerred if she got lost, and she never brings a phone with her on walks! If she has to drive somewhere new (like to her job interview last year), sometimes she will drive there in advance to make sure she can find the way. Especially if she has to get on two different freeways in addition to the surface streets.

ps: the videos were awesome.

BeadedTail said...

That was quite an adventure Abby! We bet you knew where you were all the time and only Karen and Gerard were lost! We don't get lost much while walking since we know our area really well but we have got lost while driving sometimes especially where the GPS can't even get a satellite to help us find our way!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I don't care where I am as long as Mom knows where we are. I like my own spot on the couch to sleep on. Oh yeah, and as long as I get an extra meal on long walk days. Maggie- woof woof

Gattina said...

What an adventure ! Fortunately GPS exists !

jabblog said...

Jenna carries her own GPS on her collar. Perhaps you should get one, too, Abby:-) I'm glad you got home safely again.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for GPS or else you would be still wandering all over Parma (Heights) or other places!!! Glad you made it home!!!

Sheba of West Africa said...

I always let my human THINK that she leads - after all, leading seems to be very important to humans. But I am definitively the one in charge of general security and sometimes I have to make sure my human takes precautions. She doesn't always avoid the people she wants to and sometimes she needs help crossing the road with all those young horses, and of course I'll have to go and stop traffic for her. Then sometimes she's sooooo busy at work so I make sure to sneak into some of our neighbours place and have a blast, just to remind her that life is about living you know, it can't all be about work,work,work. So even if she likes to think that she leads, I actually just let her, because it's important to her and I love her very much. And she me... that's the best part of it. :-)

Hugs from West Africa!!

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy: I am glad I have the GPS although I'm sure I could have found it on the map but the GPS is easier. I think Gerard should start taking a compass along. At least then he would know what direction to move toward.

Glad you liked the videos!

Beaded Tail: Gerard said he asked Abby if she knew the way home and she didn't know either. He cracks me up!

Sharkbytes/Maggie: Abby doesn't care either. I don't think she even minded that Gerard didn't know how to get back. She gets extra treats on long walk days too.

Gattina and I suppose he could have asked someone for directions back but it was before 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning--not too many people are outside at that time. Mostly just other dog walkers.

Jabblog: A GPS on a dog's collar? Never saw one of these--I'm surprised no one stole it yet.

Sheba of West Africa: You are very nice to allow your human to think she leads. I have not developed that skill yet although sometimes I will let my humans lead. If I really want to go a certain way though, I let them know in no uncertain terms--I just stand still until they give in and go the way I want. --Abby

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