Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Went To A Dog Reunion Picnic by Abby

I went on my first dog picnic ever on July 16 and had lots of fun meeting other dogs and their owners.  It was at Longwood Park in Macedonia, Ohio.  Yes, Karen and Gerard actually went outside of Cleveland and did not get lost!  It was a long car ride--about 40 minutes.   Canine Lifeline had a reunion for all the dogs that got adopted through them and included me too because the founder, Barb, was my foster mom just a little while before she actually started Canine Lifeline.

There were other dogs there who were looking for a good home still. I am glad I found one with Karen and Gerard. They have had me two years now. I weighed 55 lbs. and the vet said I was "obese." Now I weigh 37.8 lbs. thanks to all the walks I go on with Gerard. (It's not that they don't feed me, I eat very well.) I get lots of treats and even bones on special occasions.

Have you ever been to a doggie picnic? If you watch the video, you may be surprised that the dogs did not bark much at all but were mostly very happy. Lots of tails were wagging. It was hot, but they even had a fan in the shelter so it was comfortable in there.

Canine Lifeline has a Facebook page where you can see pictures of ALL the people who brought their dogs to the picnic. Ours is the first one!  If you are a nice person and do not have dog, I think you should!  I highly recommend PetFinder.  You can find exactly the kind of do you would like that is near your area!  Please give it a try and see what dogs still need homes.  Woof!  Woof!
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Sandee said...

How fun. Looks like Abby had a great time indeed.

We've never been to a doggy picnic, but when we cruise out there are lots of dogs in our fleet. So they get to play with each other and enjoy the cruise right along with us.

Have a terrific day Abby. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. :)

BeadedTail said...

That looks like a lot of fun and we're glad you actually went outside Cleveland and didn't get lost! We've never been to a doggy picnic before either.

Stasha said...

It is important for dogs to socialise. And other dog owners always turn out to behold company. Mademelaugh when you said you left town and did not get lost. Glad you were back in time to share your video :)

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