Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Like Scavenger Hunts--What About You?

Go Tribe!
When I was walking along reading on my break outside of where I work a couple weeks ago, a group of about 8-10 people with blue "iCleveland" came up to me and asked if they could take my picture because someone wearing Indians apparel was on their scavenger hunt list. I had the hat on in this picture. I wear it because when I read outside it keeps the sun out of my eyes. I was happy to help them out and it brought back a lot of fun memories.

I think scavenger hunts are fun. There are several different kinds you can do: a list of items to get, just trying to find something bigger or better than the other groups get, a video one or a photo one when you have to get video or pictures of things on a list. With the video or photo one you can give extra points if the whole group gets in the picture. When I was youth director at our former church, we used Polaroid cameras so we had the pictures right away. The harder things on the list counted for more points. The most fun picture we got was of our whole group in some one's bathtub (it was a neighbor of someone in our group!

Over at Make and Takes, Marie suggested a scavenger hunt to occupy her young children in her post: Summer Camp For Kids: Photo Scavenger Hunt. I thought this was a wonderful idea!

Did you ever go on a scavenger hunt?  What do you think of them.  Which kind do you prefer?  Would you let a bunch of people you didn't know in your house to help them with their scavenger hunt?


Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Love scavenger hunts! I was on a rather large one some years ago. We were disappointed with the outcome because it was obvious some teams cheated. We were not allowed to go to our own houses to pick up items and the winning team did that, we were sure of it. But it was still fun. Some items on our list that I can remember:

1. Rotary phone
2. Mechanical tooth brush (we went to a store and bought it).
3. A picture of a specific sign outside a particular building.
4. Picture of your team in a men's room stall at a certain restaurant. (Yes, THAT was weird for the women on our team!)
5. Picture of your team standing next to a red fire hydrant (those are uncommon in our area, hard to find. Most are yellow.)
6. Picture of your team standing next to a police officer.
7. Paper towel roll (had to unravel the roll, couldn't hand it in with the towels intact).

I wish I could remember more. And yes, I would totally let people in my house to get items if I had them. As long as I knew at least one person in the group, why not. Fun!

Lin said...

I don't let them in, but I do love to help those scavengers! And I haven't been on one in years--mostly when we were younger.

We were at a party recently and ran out of vodka, so someone suggested staging a scavenger hunt to find more. hee! hee! I sorta liked the idea. ;)

Karen said...

I haven't been part of a scavenger hunt in a long time! While in Branson last week, we saw two groups who were doing a scavenger hunt. They had to get a picture of themselves jumping and get the shot of them in midair. It looked like fun.

Sandee said...

1. Did you ever go on a scavenger hunt? - Never

2. What do you think of them. - Don't know since I've never done one.

3. Which kind do you prefer? - See question #2.

4. Would you let a bunch of people you didn't know in your house to help them with their scavenger hunt? - Absolutely not.

Have a terrific day. :)

Karen and Gerard said...

Junk Drawer Kathy: In a mens room stall? Funny the things we would do for points, eh? That is so sad though that teams cheat like that. I hate playing games with cheaters, it really irks me for some reason. I guess it just goes against my sense of fair play. Like you say though, you had fun anyway because the fun of scavenger hunts is really the process, not the end result.

Lin: Ha, ha. That was a funny idea. I doubt if it would work though.

Karen: Those action shots are harder to get. That sounds like a good one!

Sandee: That's is surprising and a bit sad you never had the fun of doing a scavenger hunt. I am also surprised you wouldn't help the scavengers out.

Sandee's reply: I live in a high crime area. I don't let anyone in my house I don't know. No one. This is a dangerous place. Strong arm robberies, Mexican gang members doing home invasions. It's not safe here and California is going to release thousand of inmates back out on the street due to overcrowding.

Many businesses lock their doors and you have to ring a bell before you are allowed in. It's a sad state of affairs and it's going to spread and spread.

Sandee: Oh, that's right. I forgot you were in a high crime area way out there in that crazy state of California! I don't blame you at all. I wouldn't let anyone in either if I lived there.

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