Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Which Bargain Do You Like Best? Vote Now

This is a follow-up to our What A Bargain post for Writer's Workshop. We had such a good response in the comments from others sharing their bargains, I thought it would be fun to take a vote to see which bargain is considered the best by our readers. Take a look at the post and comments and then vote only once in a comment to this post for the bargain or bargain story you like best. In an effort to show some appreciation to those leaving great comments on this post, I will send the top vote-getter an autographed copy of my book, My Funny Dad, Harry if they would want it.  That's a bargain!

Here are the bargains that were mentioned:

King Sized bedspread from Sears (Karen & Gerard)
Alarm Clock from Radio Shack(Clarissa Draper)
Framed Prints from Target (Kari)
Twin Insurance from Sears (Daisy)
"Wicked" Tickets from hotel in Jersey City (Paula Kiger)

UPDATED 10/17/10: Congratulations to Paul Kiger, the winner! She has been notified and said I made her day! I love when I can make someone's day!

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Bobbie said...

Definitely the Wicked tickets!!! Seen the play in Chicago but didn't have wonderful seats like THIS BARGAIN> Wow. blessings your way, bobbi

Sandee said...

I'm for the Wicked tickets too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

The best bargains for me are Senior discounts at restaurants or any place that give an Old Geezer a break :-)

Lin said...

Hmmmmm...this is a tough one.

I'd say the $2 comforter is really a good deal and I like how you two ran out the door.

I love Daisy's unique bargain story--although I'm thinking that's sort of dishonest to apply for it after you find out that you are having twins. That's sorta walkin' the line.

I like the Wicked tickets, but I don't think the front row is the best place to see the show. I think you miss the "whole picture" being that close.

I'm gonna go with.........

$2 comforter!!!!

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