Friday, October 1, 2010

4 Things I Learned This Week #89 (polls, funny, social media, roosters)

How Many Books Do You Read At A Time?

According to my little poll of 22 people at Grab A Book From Our Stack, 12 people read only one book at a time, but what surprised us is that six read MORE than two at a time!

Social Networking

I never knew there were so many social networking sites until I watched this video at Mike's Live Live 365 blog. It's hilarious and he is so creative. Check out his post about it: How To Increase Your Network Of Friends.

Getting Spayed

I had Spunky Doodle spayed when we took her in as a kitten and I felt horrible but after reading Harley's explanation, now I know about the garden inside the girl cats. Harley has a great way of explaining things in his "How Does That Work?" posts over at "Daisy, The Curly Cat."


Being a city girl, I love learning more about farm animals and the country over at Red Pine Mountain. This week I learned from Mountain Man that roosters fight when they are in closed quarters and get bored. They have seven roosters!

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Rebecca said...

Oh rats, I missed that poll. I'm a big non-fiction book reader. I'm currently reading six books right now, not counting the "DIY" books on my stack. I like variety, I guess!

Claudya Martinez said...

Shoot, maybe I'm part rooster because sometimes I fight if I am in closed quarters and bored.

BeadedTail said...

Only one book at a time for me too! We thought Harley's explanation was very interesting!

Jennifer said...

I only read one book at a time. I know a book is REALLY good when I can't put it down until I have read the whole thing, cover to cover in one sitting!

Cute cat!

Matty said...

I barely read at all, and when I do it's only one book at a time. And I can hardly manage this blog let alone all those other social medias.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I have been such a bad reader; since I began to write books instead of articles. I always read one book at a time..but now I'm working on 3.
I love the explanation too. I have 2 new grand kitten's who were found in a trash can (vet said they were only about a week old) they are now six weeks and as healthy as can be. I am still so traumatized that some "animal" could do that to precious little babies. My daughter fed them formula every 2 hours for weeks along with her own brand new baby Peyton Elizabeth.
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by to say hello!
I think you will like the 40 over blog...

Ann in the UP said...

You inspired me to pay attention to what (if anything) I was actually learning. It's appalling how hard we have to work to find something worth knowing in all the glut of info we're bombarded with.

Thanks for the links, they are always interesting things.

Daisy said...

Harley is very glad to help his friends learn new stuff! He thinks hard!

The Silver Age Sara said...

Hi Karen,

I have many roosters crowing at the moment and yesterday during the awful storms that hit they East Coast, they decided to hide under our back porch and crow all day long much to the dismay of my dogs. If anyone sees this and would like a rooster (not for the pot), just ask.

Wow, I never knew there were so many social networking sites either.

Hurray to you and everyone else who spays and neuters and thanks to Harley for explaining spaying.

As to books, I was one of the ones in your survey who read three or more at a time. I wasn't sure if you meant the Bible because I always have that open. I also read mediation books daily as well as two fiction books. I have one I read when I'm sitting with the turkeys and another one I read when I'm out throwing Logan's ball. I don't know what life would be like without reading.

Geesh, more than you needed to know. As always, your blog feels like home.

Coby said...

My twins must be roosters. They've been fighting a lot lately!

Before I had kids, especially when I was a teenager, I used to read 2 or 3 books at a time. Now I'm down to one.

Thanks for visiting and following! ;-)

Sparkle said...

Don't feel bad about getting Spunky Doodle spayed! I know when I was spayed, I came home and wanted to play before the day was even over - I barely noticed that I had a stitch in my bare middle! Since I was sort of oblivious, I too was a little surprised to learn all the details from Harley.

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