Sunday, October 24, 2010

Football: Play Hard or Fight Hard?

Last week the big controversy in NFL football surrounded a couple of our Browns players who got hit so hard in the head that they both suffered concussions and were out the rest of the game. Football is about hitting hard but should not be with intent to do harm. Some players feel that with all rules and fines meant to protect them, that the game will be ruined. It won't be as tough.

Personally, I feel football is a game, albeit, a tough one. However, players are more than football players. They have a personal life which often includes family. They are human beings, not machines. To intentionally go after a player to hurt him to knock him out of the game is just wrong. I really do not know if the hits by Harrison which gave two of our players concussions were intentional. No flag was thrown but he was fined $75,000.

I think if a player hits someone hard enough to actually give them a concussion to the point they can't play, then the player doing the hitting should have to come out of the game too, whether intentional or not. Hits to the head and neck could kill someone! I think this would be a much better deterrent to this craziness as well as more fair. Fining them is not quick enough, and many make so much money that thousands of dollars is like a slap on the wrist to them.

Football is NOT a war as some players may think. It is a game. Games are played for fun. This fan, at least, does not think it fun to see players go down and not get up.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Anonymous said...

To intentionally go after a player to hurt him to knock him out of the game is just wrong.

Amen! I totally agree! And that should apply to any sport!


Teresa Dawn said...

Agree, and not just football, hockey too...

Your blog feature is now posted on my blog, just letting you know :)

BeadedTail said...

I agree that no one should ever intentionally go after someone in order to hurt them. It only takes a second to change someone's life forever.

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