Saturday, October 9, 2010

Critter Damage Update

Thanks for all the helpful and funny comments on our "Did You Ever Have This Yard Problem" post. We received suggestions that it might have been aliens, skunks, armadillos or wild boars that did the damage. We tend to think it was probably a skunk or two. We do see skunks in our neighborhood sometimes so it is the most likely choice.

Gerard called Loew's to see if they had anything we could put on the grass to keep away the rascals and they did.  We went to Home Depot and got Critter Ridder only to return to find this email from Kathy at the Junk Drawer:

It's interesting you mention Critter Ridder. Dave and I listened to a gardening/outdoors radio program in the car today. We heard some woman talking about a surefire method to rid herself of skunks (we think, but we never did hear what her animal problem was and the radio host never mentioned it again, nor did we get to hear what the cure was!). Anyway, whatever she had she said Critter Ridder didn't do a thing to solve her problem. Only mentioning that so you know it might not work and don't spend too much money on it until you know if it's effective.

Apparently, skunks dig for grubs and Lin from Duck and Wheel With String told us what to do about it.

GRUBS! You've got them and they eat up the roots to your grass. Many animals eat them from skunks to raccoons, so that is where the damage came from. We had raccoons do this to our yard years ago. Just plant grass seed and put down GRUB-X in March or April.  Oh--to test for grubs in any season, just grab a handful of grass and give a tug--like you are lifting a toupee off an old geezers head. If it is grubs, your lawn will lift up.

Gerard couldn’t try it yet because it’s been raining every day and the instructions say to apply it on a dry sunny day. Gerard put patch over the bare spots and we will definitely be getting the Grub-X if the Critter Ridder doesn’t work. So far, it’s been a week and there has been no additional digging. That’s good news!

Just so you know our front yard looks good, Gerard wanted me to post a picture of it.  So here's a view from our dining room window:

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