Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why I Visit Less Blogs On Rainy Days

I get up anywhere between 4 and 5 a.m. to have time to go on the computer to link up posts and visit other blogs and comment before I leave for work. This way I can get in two or two and half hours before work on a good day. That is, providing it’s not raining.

Abby, our wonderful dog, goes for two morning walks with Gerard before he leaves for work, rain or shine. Abby doesn’t seem to mind the rain at all, even when it’s pouring out she'll happily trot along as long as usual or longer if Gerard will let her. On rainy days when Abby comes back all soaked, I am the one who dries her off. It’s only fair since Gerard had to be out in the rain. I don’t want Abby up on our furniture when she’s all wet, so I get one of our big towels and start rubbing. Usually, it takes two or three towels but if it was a heavy rain, I bring out the big gun: my blow dryer.

The first time I tried this, she kept trying to get away, but now she realizes it actually feels pretty good and will cooperate with me by sitting or laying nice while I try to get her dry. It works fairly well, but I still keep her leash on so I can make sure she doesn’t run off before I finish. This is why on rainy days I visit less blogs, because it usually takes a good 20 minutes. She has nice thick fur but it takes awhile to dry. Here is a video I took while doing drying her off one morning thinking “I could blog about this” (multi-tasking is just what I do). Don't worry, it's not a 20-minute video! I just took part of the task:

So, what interrupts your computer time? Anything as fun as this?

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Daisy said...

I have found that my Mommeh's job is the biggest crimp in my blogging time!

Sandee said...

Our dog gets groomed every three weeks so she is used to the blow dryer. It's a great way to make sure she's dry before you leave for work.

What interrupts me from blogging? Not much since I'm retired. I've got all day most of the time.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

Abby is such a good girl! Sadie hates the rain but will tolerate it for a walk. The blow dryer would never work though.

Work tends to get in the way of my blogging time!

Rebecca said...

Gerard is such a devoted dog owner! I can't imagine going out in the pouring rain like that!

You are a devoted blogger, I think. I appreciate your comments and emails on my blogs, and I know you must be so busy with the pets and your job!

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