Friday, January 27, 2017

Great News From the Vet by Abby

At least I can still get belly rubs in spite of this big bandage!
This morning I went to the vet to make sure my shoulder didn't pop out again and it was still in place!  Plus, just to make sure it stays that way, I need to have the bandage on holding my front leg up for just one more week.  Karen was very happy to hear that because she thought I'd have to have it on six weeks!  I guess it will take that long to fully heal and I still have to be very careful.  No more long walks for me, but I'll be happy when I can at least do short walks again.  The vet said we will have to go very gradually.  I also pooped and peed on both my walks which made Karen and Gerard very happy and resulted in double treats for me!  Karen finally figured out that I would rather sleep in a little longer and go out a bit later, like two hours after breakfast instead of just one and she plans on taking a later bus to work that should get her there just in time.

Oh, and I had a new adventure today too!  I got to ride in the way back part of our Ford Escape for the first time!  It was so much easier for my daddy to get me in and out of the car from the back instead of the seat part.  My mom even put down her sleeping bag for me so I could be comfortable on a nice soft cushion even in the back.   Please keep asking God to make me all better, I know he can because he's healed me from much worse five years ago.  Woof!  Woof!

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Summer said...

What great news, Abby! Your humans are taking awesome care of you, and I'm sending lots of healing purrs your way.

Beth Ann said...

Great news and prayers for a speedy and full recovery!

Lin said...

Well, that is happy news!

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