Sunday, January 22, 2017

Poor Abby, Oh God, Help Us!

Glad to be home but . . .
Somehow Abby dislocated her shoulder but we do not know when or how this happened.  We took her to the vet yesterday (not the way we hoped to spend our afternoon).  They did x-rays and fortunately, there are no broken bones and no fractures at least.  That was good news!  Also, although Dr. Walker never popped a dislocated shoulder in before, she gave it a try and was successful.  God answered that prayer--if she wasn't able to do it, we would have had to take her to an emergency clinic much farther from our home.  It is very fragile though and if it doesn't stay in, Abby will need surgery.  She stayed over night at the vet and we picked her up after church today.  We really missed her and are glad she is home.

As of now, it will take her at least 6 weeks to heal and she's all wrapped up and only has use of three legs.  We feel so bad for her and pretty helpless. She tries standing now and then but not for very long.  So far she has drank and eaten, but has not gone potty yet.  My husband will have to carry her outside down and up the steps for her to just go in our yard and then back in.  There will not be any walks at all for a while.  She had breakfast at 9:00 a.m. today instead of at 5:00 as usual with the pain pill that should be given every 12 hours.  This is not conducive to our normal eating schedule so it will disrupt our routine.  It looks like she'll be eating breakfast much later than usual and Gerard will have to feed her because I'll already be off to work. 

We were told not to let the bandage get wet or dirty so will have to wrap it up in suran wrap before we take her out.  I haven't even tried to do that yet.  Well, I'm off to PetSmart to see if I can get a sling to help her stand long enough to go potty.

It's going to be a long six weeks but she's made it through worse than this before so hopefully she will do it again.  January is not a good month for our pets!

Meanwhile, Manny is not eating today and I am a basket case.  Prayers would be appreciated for all of us. I am so stressed out, have a hard time thinking straight.  I am seriously considering taking off work!

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Sandee said...

Poor Abby. All your babies are in my prayers. ☺

Lin said...

First...take a deep breath. If you get upset, so will your pets.

Take each issue on their own...and it will be okay. Instead of saran wrap...figure out how to rig up a garbage bag around her...and use duct tape to secure. I think it would be more stressful to try to lift her over and over again to the get saran wrap around her. I think it would be easier to buy kitchen garbage bags and do one slip over her head.

Cook Manny some chicken. If he is going to eat, it's gonna be fresh chicken.

I hope this gets better for you today...and moving forward. Know that I am thinking of you all and praying.

Mrs4444 said...

Thinking of you all and hoping the healing for all comes soon!

Summer said...

Poor Abby, and poor Manny too! Both of them are in my thoughts.

Karen and Gerard said...
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Karen and Gerard said...

Lin, I know you are right. I'm sure me being all stressed out and feeling overwhelmed is contagious to my pets. I am trying to stay positive. The garbage won't work because the one good leg would be restricted then too unless I got a hole in just the right place. Anyhow, I just put one layer of saran wrap on her and let her lie on the floor while I do it. It went much better today. We got a sling that if I put it on right works pretty good for support and also for holding the saran wrap in place. Manny is on special food for his thyroid and can only eat that--not even any treats! That's why it is extremely important for him to eat quickly and why the vet did the lab work right away in-house so we could get him eating right away.

Manny went back to the vet this afternoon and after more blood tests, they decided he was just nauseated and dehydrated so they gave him some fluids, an anti-nausea injection and a very small appetite stimulate pill and let me bring him home. He started eating so yea! They determined it wasn't a kidney problem and didn't think it was a tooth problem (which is what I expected it to be). I'm hoping this will turn things around for him and I have more of those little appetizer stimulation pills to give him every third day until he starts eating like normal.

Thanks for everyone's good wishes.

Beth Ann said...

I am so sorry, Karen. When our pets are sick it is so difficult but I know you and Gerard as wonderful pet parents and will do whatever you need to do to help your sweet pets get through these times. Hopefully Manny will start eating again and Abby will heal quickly. Prayers coming.

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