Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Bandage is Off--Now to Walk! (by Abby)

Buddy Bear Watching Over Me my First Day Without the Bandage! 
I got my big bandage off and my left front leg is free again.  It's still bent up though from being bandaged up for 2 weeks and I can't really put any weight on it.  Gerard and Karen spent pretty much the whole day Saturday massaging it though and Karen is going to make some appointments for me to get some massage therapy and maybe even some laser therapy that the Dr. Walker highly recommended.  Any one out there ever have this?  It sounds like it will be a good thing to me.  Woof!  Karen and Gerard want to do all they can to help me recover as quickly as possible in case it does pop out, they will know they did all they could.

By the next day, I was able to straighten out my left front paw like normal and even walk using my front left leg for a bit!  Karen was very excited to see my progress when she gave me breakfast this morning.  Dr. Walker said everything is still in place and now it's up to me how fast I can strengthen my leg enough to walk normal again, but long walks are a thing of my past.  I will have to settle for short walks from now on.

I have great determination and can be very stubborn so that is really good news because I know I can do it!  I am very strong willed and love to walk so I plan to improve a little every day.  I still need the sling on so my mom and dad can give me support for four more weeks, but at least no more wrapping up the bandage in Suran wrap is needed.  Dad thought it was funny when Dr. Walker said my sling was better than the ones they had at the vet's!

Of course, we must take it slow.  Dr. Walker was sure to remind us that my shoulder could still pop out at any time.  Continued prayers for my full recovery would be greatly appreciated.  Woof!  Woof!

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Summer said...

I'm glad you are on the mend, Abby! I'm still purring lots for you!

Abby said...


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