Monday, January 16, 2017

Me and Tile Floors Do Not Get Along--A Solution! (by our dog Abby)

I have a very hard time walking on tile floors now that I am older and my arthritis is worse.  I often slip like people do on an ice rink and sometimes I even fall!  Because of this, I stopped making nursing home visits and even at home in our kitchen and dining room it got to be hard for me.  But, this morning when I went through, there were three rugs along my path to the living room so I didn't have to walk on the tile all that much.  My mom gathered some throw rugs from other rooms and placed them like stepping stones.  Thanks, mom!  Woof!  Woof!

Mom says:  This is yet another example of how our pets rule.  It just tore at my heart watching her struggle so on the tile floor and even falling at times.  I thought I'd give this a try before she broke a bone falling down.  How do your pets rule your house?

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Summer said...

What a good idea, putting down some rugs. Maybe you can find a few that have backing that sticks a bit to make it even easier.

BeadedTail said...

Sadie used to have trouble on the tile floors too yet she loved to lay on them because they were cool. Good idea to put rugs down so Abby can have more traction when she's walking on them. Has the vet suggested any supplements that could help Abby with her arthritis? There's something that now of course I can't remember the name but Sadie was taking it and it helped her tremendously. It's over the counter and for dogs - maybe glucosamine or cosequin? I just don't remember but maybe your vet would know! Purrs to Abby!

Karen and Gerard said...

Beaded Tail--Abby has been taken Metacam for several years and then changed to Osilox to help with her Arthritis and it does. It does for her what the Joint Juice does for me! I give it to her along with her breakfast so it takes a while to kick in and she seems to be most stiff when she first gets up in the morning.

Lin said...

I've seen dog friends struggle on tile, laminate and wood floors. I don't blame you for getting some rugs to help her. I know Walmart sells runners that are cheap--you may need to use more of them.

Poor old gal.

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