Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Holiday Tag

(Manny visiting our Nativity last year)
My Reader's Block has tagged everyone who reads her blog post in this little game of Holiday Tag. So, I'll do the same: If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged and fill it out! (Leave a link to yours below.)

1. When do you usually know and feel that it's finally the holidays?
When the church is decorated, I hear Christmas music playing in the stores and restaurants, and we get off work!

2. What do you want for Christmas this year?
Anything my husband wants to give me. Gerard wants a thin warm jacket he can wear as an under jacket. Trouble is I couldn't find exactly the kind he wants.

3. Do you go all out with decorations?
Nope.  See our decorations at Decorating, Bah Humbug!

4. What are you doing Christmas eve?
Attending our Christmas Eve service at church. It's always beautiful!

5. What are you doing Christmas day?
Most likely watching movies, opening presents and enjoying relaxing time at home with our pets.

5. It's Christmas time. What are you reading?
Karen's new Christmas book I am reading is The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber. Check out Grab A Book From Our Stack to see the books we are currently reading.

6. Favorite movie to watch during the holidays?
Karen's favorites are: Bells of St. Mary's, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Miracle on 54th Street, and Eloise at Christmas.

7. Favorite Christmas song?
Karen's is Joy To The World; Gerard's is What Child Is This?

8. Favorite holiday drink?
Hot Chocolate with marshmallows

9. How is your Christmas shopping going?
All done by Dec. 12.

10. If you could spend Christmas day anywhere else, where would you spend it?
We like spending it right here at home.  Maybe we'll do some sledding or make a snowman if weather permits.

11. Any holiday traditions?
Open one on Christmas Eve and the rest throughout Christmas day.  My favorite when we were kids was Santa giving us a special a package at the bottom of our bed.

12. Favorite thing about the Holidays?
Being off work, attending the special services at church and the Christmas music playing everywhere we go.

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Rebecca said...

You seem to really enjoy the Christmas holidays. :) I don't decorate anymore (too busy) but I miss the pretty decorations.

I'm going to take a few days off "work," too, I think! :D

Mama Pike said...

I like the idea of Santa leaving a gift at the bottom of your bed when you were a child. Neat tradition.

Traci said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting me the other day in blog land :) I'm playing along with your game of tag. Here is my post:

Lin said...

I just like being off of work and laying around the house with the kids. I really wish I wasn't working like the old days and we had two full weeks of hanging out playing video games and such.

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