Friday, December 17, 2010

2 Things I Learned This Week #100 Plus Fragments (Oregon, Barnes & Noble)


Over at Beaded Tail I learned you can see sea lions in Oregon! I never realized they lived there.

Barnes & Noble

When I went on Barnes & Noble to use the gift cards I got for my birthday from my bosses, I checked "My Funny Dad, Harry" page and saw I had six customer reviews there--five 5-star reviews that I didn't know about from total strangers!

I didn't learn much this week, sorry. Therefore, I shall share some of my random thoughts since this is Friday Fragments. Find more Fragments at Half Past Kissin' Time.

My Random Fragments:

(1) Good thing I got my cold on the last two days of my scheduled time off. Not that I wanted to be sick on my last days off, but at least I was able to be off when I still had days to use.

(2) I see Gerard got two calendars for 2011--one from Best Friends and a big desk calendar from work. Guess he won't be needing the weekly planner Peanuts one I got for him for Christmas. Looks like it will be used at the computer now (unless he has a better use for it, which I doubt).

(3) The highlight of my day yesterday (besides sleeping in until 8:00) was reading on the couch while petting Abby who laid next to me.

(4) I didn't sleep well last night--had to get up three times to blow my nose and had hard time getting back to sleep. (I normally sleep straight through the night!) Had stupid dreams too. Only one I liked that made any sense at all was going on a trip and taking Abby along. She climbed up to sleep on top of me.

(5) My new cell phone is a bit strange.  All of a sudden, I'll hear voices coming from it in my pocket.  One day I heard a conversation Gerard and his boss were having at work--guess neither of us actually ended our call the call?  I got a text notification that he sent a text message, which he didn't.  While charging it last night with the power off, the power came on.  This morning at breakfast, I heard a ladies voice coming from it and the screen said "no match."  What's going on with this thing?   

(6) Have to make it through work today--not feeling up to par but at least it's Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Sleeping in, reading a book and petting Abby sounds great! :-)

I hope you feel better soon


BeadedTail said...

Your phone does sound weird! Hope it starts acting normal soon!

Thanks for putting in something you learned from me this week! There are sea lions every day all year round in Newport, OR and there's even a Sea Lion Caves on the coast near Florence although they aren't there year round (they head down to CA part of the year). Here's the link:

Rebecca said...

I hope you feel better. Your cell phone problems sound weird! We usually get calls at very odd times, from solicitors.

Kay said...

i too hope you are feeling better soon, but sitting on a couch with a fur baby and reading all day is my heaven!!!

my hubby can kill a cell phone like no one i know... maybe he has some microwave thing going on??

Unknown said...

Interesting cell phone. I love the things you've learned this week. Cool about the sea lions.

Lin said...

Oh, that phone would drive me crazy! I'm always turning mine off because I don't like it ringing with calls from strangers. My cell phone is strictly for my family to call me on. Kinda like the "bat phone" for family.

Karen and Gerard said...

Old Geezer: Yes, it was quite nice actually.

Beaded Tail: It doesn't bother me too much as long as it works when I want to use it. I think it's really cool you are so close to sea lions.

Rebecca: I am feeling much better. Glad I don't get phone calls from solicitors.

Tettelstai: Thanks, I'm feeling better and the cold is on its way out. Who knows why the cell phone does goofy things? At least it's cheaper than Sprint and it works when we try calling each other.

Clarissa: Glad you liked my post!

Lin: Yeah, I turn mine off too unless Gerard is out somewhere and I'm not with him or if I'm waiting for someone to call me back, like the plumber for instance.

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