Monday, December 27, 2010

You Have A Really Cute Surprise Waiting For You!

When I got home from work last Thursday for the holiday weekend, Gerard met me at the bus stop and asked me if Sara was Mountain Woman. She is. He told me she sent us something really cute but wouldn't tell me what it was. When I got home, I found this:

It is a Vermont Teddy Bear wearing sunglasses with a cow bell around its neck and a piece of chocolate for me! The Holstein cow pattern is so appropriate coming from Mountain Woman who lives on a farm in Vermont. Even the box has a game board on the inside. We love it! Our two other Vermont bears quickly welcomed our new addition as you can see they all found a place together on our electric heater in our living room:

Party Bear is on the left and Secretary Bear on the right. ("Farm Bear" is between them.) Thanks so much to Mountain Woman and Man, our good blogging buddies. It was such a nice surprise and was a great beginning to my holiday weekend!

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Daisy said...

What a great surprise! Farm bear is very cute, too.

Rebecca said...

Adorable! Gee, maybe we could start a Secret Santa amongst the bloggers?

Enjoy the chocolate. :D

HH and The Boys said...

I love that new bear... very cute... especially the sun glasses.

pawhugs, Max

mountain woman said...


I'm glad you like him and he looks right at home with his other friends. Thank you for being the most wonderful blogging friend ever!

BeadedTail said...

That is a very cute surprise! That was nice of her to send you such a sweet bear!

Lin said...

Oh my! He is soooo cute!! I love Sara's turkeys and guinea hens. She is hilarious in her tales of their adventures. And I love that she did not eat them for Thanksgiving. :) My kinda gal.

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