Thursday, December 2, 2010

We Joined The Jitterbug Network--Hope It's For The Best

We got Sprint cell phones for Christmas of 2007 and had a two-year contract. $70 a month seemed like a lot to me for the little bit we use it. We do not text or use the Internet access on it. All we use it for is phone calls, mostly to each other and our pizza place on a regular basis. Gerard found an ad for a Jitterbug phone that sounded perfect for us and would be cheaper, so Saturday I took the plunge and called. I don't like change or doing anything that rocks the boat; however, I figured if we could save some money switching over it would be worth the little inconvenience of doing so.

We got our new phones last night and I spent two hours fussing around with them, calling Sprint to get my PIN which was necessary to keep our same numbers. After three attempts, I got it right. Our new phones don't have anything to flip up like our old ones did. The buttons are actually smaller than what we had before. There are several options to choose and I was asked when I signed up what features were important to us. The cost and reliable service is what was most important. They did ask about the size of buttons and I said it didn't matter. I hope I made the right choice.

On Gerard's Sprint phone, the part that opens to charge the battery is so small and pushed in that he can't get it open with his big fingers and short nails so I have to do it for him. It looks like our new phone is the same way, except the volume control is opposite and when I close the battery charging opening, I find it difficult to avoid pressing on the volume control. I'll be very surprised if Gerard doesn't have trouble with this.

Apparently it takes a couple days for our old numbers to get transferred to our new phone so in the meantime, we are carrying both. Right now, I'm liking my old phone better but once we start paying less each month, perhaps that will compensate for the minor changes I'm not all that thrilled with. We also like that we have no contract and that the monthly billing will be charged to our credit card.

I'm hoping it is just a matter of getting used to our new phone. What do you think?

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Sandee said...

I think you'll get used to your new phone in pretty short order. Saving money is a good thing in these tough economic times.

Have a terrific day. :)

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