Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spunky Doodle's Christmas Report

Christmas was fun because there were lots of presents at our house which meant lots of wrapping paper and boxes to nestle in.  We got another laser beam toy which is fun.  Now we can have one upstairs and one on the main floor too! (If you click the link, it will take you to a video of us playing with it from last Christmas.)

I opened the play mat so got on it first.  See those feather things sticking up in the corner?  I got them out, Karen put them back, I got them out, Karen put them back.  It was fun! 

Later, Manny went on it but I didn’t want to share it with him.

So I pounced and chased him off! Hee, hee, it was fun.  That's me on top of Manny way on the right. I pounced so fast, Karen didn't get us in the picture all the way!

Don’t feel too sorry for Manny though because he got back on—
he always gets his way somehow. Sometimes he chases me too.

This is a purr pad that says cats love it. Guess what, I don’t! I did like crawling through the box tunnel it came in though. Manny didn't seem to like it either, but eventually, Manny gave it a try and slept on it that night. Don’t he look peaceful sleeping? I noticed he didn’t go back the next night. We have two of these, one for each of us. I’d rather have had a second play mat.

Abby got all food for Christmas—doggie cookies, some dental sticks and a bone that tasted like roast beef from Giant Eagle.  She had her bone gone even before Karen could take video of her chewing it with her new Sony digital camera that also takes video too.  Here is the first video she took with her new camera and I helped but all the good action was over by the time she was ready to use it.

We got treats too! We missed not having a Christmas tree this year but I think Karen kind of missed it too so maybe she’ll put it up next year. We hope so, us pets really like it!  Did your pets like their presents?

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HH and The Boys said...

I like that mat with the feather... What a great invention, but I would take the feather out too. Looks like you had a great Christmas.

pawhugs, Max

Daisy said...

Your little boogie mat looks like lots of fun! We had a purr pad a while ago, too, but I did not really enjoy it either.

BeadedTail said...

Looks like all of you got some nice gifts for Christmas! We liked the video too! Santa was good to us too!

Dapoppins said...

Oh, those look like some of the happiest pets ever.

Lin said...

Looks like a good Christmas at your house! But that is not good to beat up your family members over toys, kitties. We had that discussion over here too.

Sylvia K said...

Boy, does look like a great Christmas at your house! Glad you had so much fun!!!

Sam and Mojo

Kay L. Davies said...

I'll bet there was no tree because you two tried to climb it, right?
Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas anyway!
-- Kay and Lindy

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Anonymous said...

What a great Christmas report. You surely had a great fun Christmas!

Here is my post

2cats said...

Looks like you had fabulous holidays!
And I love that mat too. Better not show it to my children. I know they start demanding I buy it for them, too. :-)

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