Friday, December 3, 2010

2 Things I Learned This Week #98 (blogging, accident, Gerard)

Submit Your URL To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Over at A Book Inside, Still Need More Hits After Blog Jog Day? I learned that we can actually submit our posts URL to these three search engines: Here are the links to submit your new posts:
She gives more suggestions for increasing your traffic too.

Accident:  Fooled By Gerard--Happy Birthday!

Gerard's immediate supervisor, Bob, got in an accident Wednesday, getting a concussion, messed up shoulder and totaling his new car. How sad for him! He's single, shares his home with a brother and lives a few houses up the street from us. Gerard is off for his birthday today, but let me think that since it's such a small place where he works and it's their busy time, with Bob being out, Gerard had to work.  Fortunately, Bob was back to work yesterday.  I learned that Gerard can still surprise me. Oh well, I'm grateful it wasn't Gerard in the accident and that we are both off today to celebrate his birthday.  I canceled the eye appointment I made for him so will try to get him in again and I seriously considered not using my vacation day.  Good thing I decided to still take off anyhow!  I didn't find out he didn't have to work until it was time for him to get up this morning. He's a rascal!  Happy Birthday, Honey!

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Daisy said...

Happy birthday to Gerard!

Lin said...

Happy Birthday, Gerard!!! Hope today is extra fun. :)

mimbles said...

Hippo birdy two ewes Gerard! Have a fabulous day :-)

Congrats on the blog award!

Kay said...

i am also very thankful that he was not in the accident, that would be miserable!!

happy birthday gerard!!! i like the title of the blog you went for! very sweet!!

BeadedTail said...

Happy Birthday Gerard! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Sandee said...

♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Gerard,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

Kristin - The Goat said...

I can never decide if I want more traffic to my blog. I can't seem to keep up with those that come by already! But it would be nice to see larger numbers.

Happy Birthday to your husband and get well wishes to your husband's co-worker.

Kristin - The Goat

Matty said...

Wow, thanks for the tips on adding your URL. That blog has some great advice. I used it to add a share button to my posts.

Happy Birthday to Gerard. Go celebrate with some CM ice cream.

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a very nice day!--Gerard

Angie, Catladyland said...

Happy Birthday, Gerard!! And congrats on the award -- that's fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gerard! And I hope his boss is doing OK.


Sam D. said...

Belated happy birthday to Gerard and Karen thank you for your nice words to me. It was appreciated so much.

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday, Gerard!! December is a wonderful month to have a birthday, I think. :)

Karen, that's terrific about your award!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by via FF. Funny that you shop at the Strongsville mall, too!

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