Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where's Coke Bear's Hat? (Writer's Workshop)

We have a stuffed bear that sits in a red wagon that says "Coke" on it. The bear has a little red hat that is removable. This is a very special bear because it's very old and we've never seen another like it anywhere.

Gerard noticed the hat was missing and immediately blamed Spunky Doodle because she's known to play with things and then doesn't put them back. Well, he looked around for it and was getting more and more angry. I helped him look and found it across the dining room almost under a table.

The next morning, while I was getting my breakfast, Manny comes walking by with Coke Bear's hat in his mouth! I thought it was so funny that we blamed Spunky Doodle, when here it was probably our man cat, Manny!

Poor Spunky, she gets blamed for everything!

Both Spunky and Manny wrote about this in their blogs at (cat corner section) They wanted me to be sure to let you know that--meow! Here they are wearing the hat:

This post is part of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop in response to the prompt to write about something you lost and how you found it.
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Daisy said...

That hat is cute! I would try to steal it, too.

Melissa said...

That's so cute! If you can't find something and you have cats, chances are the cat put it somewhere!

Shari said...

too cute!

BeadedTail said...

Whenever something is missing, it always seems to show back up since cats bring it back to the scene of the crime. It is always as guess as to who took it in the first place though!

Summer at said...

Binga gets blamed for all the misbehavior at our house. But in her case, she is always the culprit. Except when Boodie is.

Lizzie said...

Our cat steals the funniest things too! Stopped by from SITS, have a great weekend.

The Author said...

Loved this. We don't get to live with cats so I always enjoy yours.

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