Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Favorite Reads For May: "The Last Child" & "The Last Stand"

Karen's Favorite: The Last Child by John Hart
The Last Child by John Hart had my attention all the way through.  It's a novel about Johnny, a very brave 13-yr-old boy who conducts his own private investigation when his twin sister turns up missing.  With his help, Detective Hunt eventually finds her and figures out what happened as well as solving the disappearance of another missing girl.  I liked this book because the ending caught me by surprise and I was right there trying to figure out what happened along with the detective.  I felt bad for Johnny and was pulling for him and his mom throughout the book.  His faith in God was shattered, but restored in the end.  This book deals with abuse, law enforcement issues, friendship and dealing with grief. 

Gerard also read this one and liked it. Here's what he thought of it:
One of the Best Books I’ll Read This Year!

The Last Child by John Hart is fiction. It’s about Johnny Merrimon whose twin sister was abducted. Johnny thinks he can find her and then their family will go back to being together again. I really liked this book. All the characters are very believable as is the story line. I did not see the ending coming at all! The Last Child rocks! It’s a can’t put down thriller!

Gerard's Favorite: The Last Stand by Nathaniel Philbrick
I always enjoy reading books on history that I'm not well versed on and this book is no exception. It tells the story of Custer, Sitting Bull and the battle of the Little Big Horn. The writing is superb. You really get the sense of what went on and what led up to the battle. This book will easily make my top ten books of the year! It's a great read!

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The Author said...

I'm very interested in both the books you mentioned. I'm reading a book about Sacajawea now so The Last Stand might be a good next book for me.

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